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Mobile Workforce Management

Real-time field workforce location and time tracking, mileage reporting and replay history

With inherently distributed teams, field service organizations are challenged with understanding how, when and where their mobile field workforce are at any given time. Ensuring compliance and safety are just two sides of the equation, while efficiency and cost containment comprise the other. Do you know where your field workforce is at this very moment? If an emergency request comes in, how do you schedule the nearest worker, what parts will they need and how will the customer be impacted? Answering these questions takes the right field service management software.

The Field Squared Platform empowers end-to-end mobile workforce management, automating your field service processes and operations. Through real-time updates, your dispatcher, supervisor or field operations manager is in control, with visibility at all times. Even in remote areas where loss of connectivity is common, Field Squared’s proprietary Mobile, Offline Sync and Merge Engine works online and offline. Even if your cellular or WiFi network is down, you can keep working and we’ll sync everything when you come back online. No loss of data, ever. When emergency calls come in, assigning the nearest worker to the job is a breeze, including ensuring the parts on-hand are available. Get Field Squared and take the guesswork out of your field service operations.

Key Benefits & Features

Mobile, Offline Sync and Merge Engine Icon Online and offline availability to enable field workers no matter where they are Team Location Tracking Icon Real-time location tracking using the built-in GPS of the field worker’s device
Replay History Icon Access a historical replay of locations and work orders for verification and auditing Field Analytics Icon Measure field service operations productivity, with powerful reporting and analytics

Real-Time Updates of Work Orders

The power of Field Squared includes automatic collection of time tracking data leveraging the GPS built into the device used by your field workforce.

  • Time on site for work orders is automatically tracked
  • Automate digital field data collection and capture via Smart Forms such as timesheets with check-in/check-out details
  • View work order status across your field workforce
  • Perform big data on your field location data
  • Ensure compliance and safety via field workforce drive-time tracking

Armed with this information allows you to effectively manage your field workforce wherever they are.

Field Workforce Location Tracking

Feel at ease knowing your field workforce locations are tracked continuously by leveraging the built-in GPS of the devices used by your field workforce, even in remote areas.

Predict when field worker or technician will not arrive on-time and send an automated notification to the customer and/or supervisor with a status.


Field Workforce Management & Mobility

Watch this short product video (it’s only about 1-minute!) to see inside Field Squared’s field workforce management and mobility software.
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field workforce management and mobility product video

Mileage Reporting

Field Squared automatically tracks and calculates the mileage driven by your field workforce, providing actionable mileage reports for the day, week, month or year.

Our reports are 99.7% accurate and can be used for IRS reporting on your company tax returns. Reports can be further broken down by customer, asset or work order for flexibility in reporting and analysis.

Field Worker Replay History

Every interaction with the Field Squared Platform—from desktop to mobile device—is automatically tracked so you can:

  • Know where your field workforce was at any point in time
  • Gain context around when and where data was collected
  • Protect yourself from false liability claims

Manage Field Worker Territories and Understand Where Your Customers are Concentrated

Without a visual representation, it’s not easy to understand where your customers are located in relation to one-another or to your field workers. With the Field Squared Heat Map, you can pinpoint where your customers are concentrated as well as view them right from the Map.

  • Effectively create and manage field worker territories, assigning work orders based on customer location
  • Gain a top-down understanding of trends in concentration of customers against locations and work orders
  • Quickly gain perspective of how many work orders are scheduled vs. backlogged
  • Leverage a work order timer feature to track the time taken to complete work orders

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