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In construction, engineering, and industrial services, operations are overtly complex. The inherent challenge for many construction and engineering service businesses involves efficiently coordinating activities. Lacking a consolidated view of technicians’ schedules, the location of assets and trucks, and understanding future availability to quote new projects only compounds a tremendous problem. How do today’s construction and engineering services businesses improve operational efficiency?
The Field Squared Field Service Automation Platform provides construction and engineering service businesses with a global, consolidated view to manage their entire service operations. We take the guesswork out of scheduling and dispatching technicians to job sites and enable real-time tracking across assets, equipment, parts, and inventory.

Field Squared helps you complete work on time and on budget, freeing up time to quote new projects and realize cashflow faster.

Key Benefits

Consolidated view across schedules, technicians and assets

Real-time asset management and inventory tracking


Works online and offline, syncing all changes when connectivity is restored

Smart mobile forms to capture data against installations and maintenance work
Scheduling and dispatching to ensure the right technician to the right job at the right time
Quote new projects with the ability to forecast availability of technicians and assets

Key Features


A Consolidated View Across Your Entire Service Operations

With a highly distributed workforce of technicians, trucks, and assets, you need one place to see everything in real time. Field Squared provides a global consolidated view across your entire service operations. At any given time, you know what jobs are scheduled, where your technicians are, the location of assets, and which sites are active.

Field Squared’s open data model ensures that your teams have what they need for any job. Easily attach BIM, as-built plans, or other documentation to work orders, customer sites, and assets.


Schedule Technicians and Assets to Installations or Maintenance Jobs

Without the right tools, scheduling and dispatching technicians or crews to jobs can be time-consuming. With Field Squared, you can schedule work orders at the click of a button.

  • Easily schedule and dispatch service orders in our drag-and-drop scheduling view
  • Dispatch the nearest or next available technician to urgent service requests
  • Match the right technician to the work order with skills tagging
  • Create recurring schedules for such things as timed maintenance
  • Effectively plan projects using satellite, street maps, driving directions, and GPS

Learn more about Scheduling and Dispatching


View, Track, and Manage Assets, Trucks, and Inventory

Whether you maintain internal or customer-owned assets, Field Squared provides the tools your technicians need to do the job right the first time.

  • Track assets, trucks, and inventory in real-time
  • View the history of activity for every asset
  • Analyze asset metrics to optimize installations or maintenance
  • Integrate third-party systems, such as Esri ArcGIS, OMS, inventory management tools

Learn more about Enterprise Asset Management capabilities


Sun Valley Solar Doubles Efficiency and Expands Capabilities

"We can now handle 70 to 100 work orders per case manager, thanks to the streamlined process with Field Squared."
- Jim Hutson, Commercial and Residential O&M Manager, Sun Valley Solar.

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Segra Streamlines Operations and Scales by 300%

“We've scaled our company up by 300% over seven years, which probably wouldn't have been doable without Field Squared.” - Jim Kent, a Market Vice President Operations, Segra

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HyperFiber Increases Installation Capacity Tenfold

"We have scaled from doing one to two installs a day to 20 without a single headcount hire."
- Justin Nelson, COO, EVP Engineering and Operations, HyperFiber

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Oregon Aerial Construction Increases Efficiency

"Field Squared has transformed our field operations, allowing us to complete more projects with greater efficiency."
- Sean O'Brien, Market VP of Operations at Oregon Aerial Construction

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Great Plains Gas Compression Saves $250K

"Based on our initial rollout, we have already saved an annual amount of $250,000 in overhead costs."
- William Morgan, Implementation Specialist, Great Plains Gas Compression

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Sea Tow Enhances Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

"Since we've switched to Field Squared, all of our customer responses have been very positive."

- Jim Foley, CFO at Sea Tow

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Create Digital, Mobile Forms for Any Type of Work

With so many types of work across your field services, you need an easy-to-use mobile form solution. Field Squared’s industry-leading forms builder is flexible, allowing you to quickly digitize your existing paper forms in a matter of minutes.

  • Increase field worker efficiency by using skip-logic
  • Employ business rules, ensuring required fields are completed
  • Capture photos to document conditions
  • Scan barcodes directly on forms
  • Create approval workflows to automate required signature capture

Learn about Smart Mobile Forms


Quote New Projects to Realize Cashflow Faster

The nature of service businesses means a steady workflow to keep technicians happy and cash coming in.

Field Squared enables you to keep the quote-accept-complete cycle in motion by leveraging automation at every stage of the process to help you move faster, beat the competition, and, ultimately, realize cash flow faster.


Integrate Third-Party Systems to Orchestrate Automatic Updates

Leverage your current investments in third-party systems by integrating the solutions you’re currently using with Field Squared. Field Squared lets you see everything in a single glass pane of glass via bi-directional automated updates orchestrated across your third-party systems.

Leverage the power of Field Squared as the source of record or maintain the third-party system as your source of record; either way works for us.

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