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End-to-End Field Service Work Order Process Automation


Seamless Work Order Management

Your field service organization is inundated with new work orders daily, adding to the existing backlog of jobs that haven’t even been touched yet. To compound things, you manage and track work orders with paper forms and manually update your multiple, disparate back-office systems to make it all come together. The process is inefficient, with inaccurate data unattached from your back-office systems.

The Field Squared Platform provides field service organizations with a full end-to-end work order management solution. With Field Squared, you can track work orders and crews in real time, auto-schedule multiple work orders, and integrate across your back-office systems in one unified platform. Ultimately, you increase operational efficiency, gain real-time visibility into work order status and seamlessly extend work orders across your back-office systems.

Key Benefits


Track the location and status of your field workforce in real-time


Quickly auto-schedule, optimize, and plan work orders


Increase work order close-out efficiency.


Seamlessly integrate with your back-office systems, from invoicing to CRM

Key Features


Track Crews and Work Order Status in Real-Time

For most field organizations, knowing where your field workforce is located, what work orders they’ve been assigned, and ensuring work orders have the most complete information is important. With Field Squared, we empower you—the scheduler, dispatcher, or admin—and your field workers to increase work order close-out efficiency.

  • Track the status of work orders in real-time
  • Create work orders in the field and attach any related documents
  • Track crew status—driving, on-site, completed—in real-time
  • Capture GPS location, photos, PDF attachments, and any custom fields against work orders
  • Increase work order close-out efficiency

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Field Workforce Management & Mobility


Watch this short product video (it’s only about 1-minute!) to see inside Field Squared’s field workforce management and mobility software.


Schedule, Dispatch, and Route Work Orders

The Field Squared Platform enables auto-scheduling of work orders across your field workforce. Assigning workers and teams has never been easier than with the power of Field Squared’s field service management platform.

  • Quickly auto-schedule work orders across your field workforce
  • View an individual field worker’s schedule
  • Schedule highly complex work orders over multiple days and multiple crews
  • Capture any documentation against work orders
  • Assign teams and technicians to work orders, including backlogged work orders
  • Manage territories by color-coding contacts/customers displayed on a Map
  • Reassign a field worker’s contact/customer to another team member
  • Create works orders against Customers or Assets, or just create them free form

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Accurately Assign Work Orders by Job Types and Skills

With Field Squared, you can ensure you’ve assigned the best field worker to the job through job types tagged with the appropriate skills.

  • Easily create job types and assign workers to work orders
  • Automatically track average, minimum, or maximum time to complete work orders
  • Effortlessly match proper skill sets to work orders, increasing work order completion rates
  • Auto-schedule and assign work orders by job type

Connect Your Back-Office Systems

Field Squared seamlessly integrates with multiple, disparate back-office systems. Bidirectional communication automatically syncs between Field Squared and the third-party system.

  • Work Orders can originate in Field Squared or from any third-party system
  • Create and schedule work orders in back-office systems or in Field Squared
  • Two-way sync your work order data with your back-office systems
  • Send documentation and other data on work order completion to any other system
  • Easily integrates with popular back-office systems such as Salesforce, Quickbooks, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, and CIS systems

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