Field Service Collaboration & Messaging

Real-Time In-App Collaboration and Messaging for Field Service and Mobile Workforce Management

Seamlessly Make Voice or Video Calls, Send Messages and Collaborate in Group Conversations within Field Squared

Between scheduling work orders, tracking internal and customer assets, managing your field workforce and ensuring customers are in-the-know about their service orders, lines of communication need to remain open and flexible in real-time. You need all this in a single pane of glass by which to communicate and collaborate across both your mobile field workforce and customers.

Field Squared provides field service organizations with real-time in-app collaboration, messaging, voice, and video embedded within the Field Squared Platform and Mobile Application. These powerful real-time communication solutions enable the ability to create automated messaging and collaboration workflows; make voice or video calls; collaborate one-on-one or in group conversations; send messages; and reference enterprise assets, work orders, customer records and digital work order forms in conversations. All of this can be done from within a single application. No need to leave the app to send a text message or make a voice call—everything is available and at your fingertips in a unified solution.

Key Benefits & Features

field service voice video calls Make voice or video calls and send messages from within the mobile application mobile workforce team collaboration conversations icon Collaborate one-on-one or in team/group conversations
automated messaging collaboration workflows field squared icon Create automated messaging and collaboration workflows reference field assets work orders in conversations messages field squared icon Quickly reference field assets, work orders, customer records and forms in conversations
real-time communication field managers customer icon Enable real-time communication between operations managers, dispatchers, customers and your mobile field workforce conversation history field squared icon Access the conversation history related to work orders, customer records, assets and forms to reduce knowledge gaps


Enable Real-Time Voice, Video or Messages Between Managers, Dispatchers, Technicians and Customers

Provide your mobile field workforce with the right tools to increase efficiency and delight customers. Right from their mobile device within the Field Squared Mobile Application, technicians can make voice or video calls and send messages at the click of a button.

When the field operations manager needs a quick resolution from the field, they can message or call directly from within the Field Squared web-based platform in a single pane of glass. From the office to the field, everything is connected and unified.

  • Effectively coordinate the field work and activities of your mobile workforce
  • Engage and exchange knowledge, ideas, status updates and manage scheduling conflicts (i.e., unusually heavy traffic, vehicle break-down, customer not present) in real-time
  • Combined with our real-time field workforce and team location tracking, know where your field workers are to quickly determine if they are available to take a call or receive a message

Collaborate One-on-One or in Group Conversations

If you’ve ever used a collaboration solution, you know how efficient it is to resolve an issue in seconds, not hours or days. With real-time field service collaboration capabilities, operations managers, dispatchers and technicians can engage in one-on-one or conduct team/group conversations across the Field Squared platform and mobile application. No more waiting for an answer with real-time resolution at your fingertips.

  • Easily chat or message links to work orders, assets, customer records and digital forms for efficient field collaboration
  • Reduce knowledge gaps with previous messages and conversation history


Field Workforce Management & Mobility

Watch this short product video (it’s only about 1-minute!) to see inside Field Squared’s field workforce management and mobility software.
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field workforce management and mobility product video

Create Automated Messaging and Collaboration Workflows

Ensuring open lines of communication is critical for efficient field service and effective mobile workforce management. Through Field Squared’s proprietary Workflow Builder, you can create automated messaging and collaboration workflows in a visual, easy-to-use drag-and-drop designer. Workflow automation of key field service processes helps improve operational efficiency as well as elevate the customer service experience.

  • Enable push notification messages to field technicians and crews
  • Streamline automated status alerts to customers
  • Keep everyone on the same page with group messaging and collaboration workflows

Quickly Reference Field Work Orders, Assets, Customer Records and Digital Forms in Conversations

Efficiency gains are only as good as the software behind it. With Field Squared, you can easily reference work orders, assets, customer records and digital work order forms via a clickable link to pull up all related details. No need to leave the platform or mobile application, as the details are accessible while in a live conversation. Field managers and your mobile field workforce don’t have to juggle multiple apps when all you need is one to get the job done and keep your customers happy.

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