Efficient Time Tracking for Your Mobile Field Workforce

Mobile time cards with individual and team clock-in/out, location tracking, reporting, and history


Time Tracking for Your Mobile Field Workforce

Field service companies know all too well that time is money. Different types of work orders or jobs take differing amounts of time to complete, which complicates the cost allocation, invoicing, and reporting across a highly distributed field workforce. Outliers who clock in/out at home versus on the job site aren’t always easy to decipher without a reference to the GPS location of the event. And don’t even get us started on paper time cards or timesheets.

It’s time to automate your time cards. With Field Squared’s time card capabilities, field service companies can effectively enable their mobile field workforce to clock in/out, accurately tracking their time at every step. Field operations managers and supervisors can quickly pull up the time cards that need approval, with the ability to edit and/or approve individual time cards or in bulk. Field Squared also includes the ability to view the GPS location of each clock-in/out event, when the need to audit and verify a time card arises, as well as report against time cards for payroll processing.

Key Benefits


Improve productivity as time cards are available online and offline


Easily audit and verify time card accuracy with GPS-based location tracking


Decrease payroll processing by reviewing and approving time cards in bulk


Seamlessly integrates with third-party payroll systems, such as Paycom

Key Features


Improve Accuracy with Real-Time Mobile Time Tracking

In the world of field service, variation in the time it takes to complete work orders is nothing new. Some jobs require a large field crew or team to complete over multiple days. Field Squared time cards allow individual technicians or a team field crew to clock in/out of a job from the Field Squared Mobile App—online or offline.

You can also account for and track such activities as breaks, driving versus on-site events, paid time off (PTO) / vacation, lunch, sick time, on-call, or any time-related detail your company tracks.

Field Workforce Management & Mobility


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Effectively Audit and Verify Time Card Events

Feel at ease knowing your mobile field workforce time card clock-in/out GPS locations are tracked and mapped continuously.

Leveraging the built-in GPS of the devices used by your field workforce—even in remote areas where connectivity is non-existent—time cards are stamped with the event location.

  • Be confident about where your field technicians clocked in or out, with GPS locations tracked continuously.
  • Increase payroll processing accuracy by quickly auditing and verifying time card location history.
  • Know how much you spent in a pay period by reporting against time cards for payroll and related labor cost analytics.

Improve Payroll Productivity with Bulk Time Card Approval

With many time cards to review and approve, knowing what’s ready for payroll processing can be challenging.

Field Squared provides an intuitive time card view, enabling operations managers or supervisors a one-stop shop to review, edit, approve, or reject time cards.

  • Easily create job types and assign workers to work orders
  • Automatically track average, minimum, or maximum time to complete work orders
  • Effortlessly match proper skill sets to work orders, increasing work order completion rates
  • Auto-schedule and assign work orders by job type

Seamlessly Integrates with Third-Party Payroll Systems

We know field service businesses often have multiple, disparate third-party tools, software, or systems in place. That’s why we built Field Squared to be easily interoperable across practically any system, including legacy solutions.

Out-of-the-box, Field Squared integrates with Paycom to automatically sync time card data for further analysis, keeping both systems up to date with the same information.

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