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Configurable Field Service Management Software for Any Industry

Field service organizations across any industry benefits from the extensive configurability of the Field Squared Field Service Management Process Automation Platform. We understand no two industries have the exact same needs for their field workforce, so we built Field Squared to adapt to our customer’s requirements – now and in the future. From simple to highly complex field service workflows, Field Squared can help meet your needs and digitally transform your field service operations.

Cable/Broadband & Telecommunications

A day in the life of a cable or telecommunications organization requires coordinated scheduling, work order management, asset visibility and real-time customer communication. With Field Squared, it’s all available at your fingertips from day one.

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Health Care

When it comes to health care, optimizing routes to patients and managing territories is crucial for both efficiency and demonstrating great patient care. Manage all the things, including automating daily care routes and creating care schedules, with Field Squared—the only HIPAA certified field service management platform on the market.

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Given the highly detailed nature of inspection work, you need to ensure inspection field data accuracy and reduce manual re-entering of data. Automate your existing inspections or compliance processes with Field Squared’s field service management automation platform, including across your disparate back-office systems.

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With so many city projects dedicated to public and city works, your field workforce needs a solution that works for them. From field data capture, photo markup and barcode scanning, with Field Squared provision sustainable services to citizens and keep infrastructure safe and operational.

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Oil & Gas

Oil field operations take place in some of the most remote locations on Earth. It’s only natural to have a field service management solution that allows you to plan, track and manage your oil field operations anywhere, anytime. From Field Squared’s single, unified platform you can you can do it all and more.

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Power & Utilities

It’s a 24×7 operations for power and utility organizations, making data accuracy and real-time collaboration a necessity. With the Field Squared field service management automation platform, you can increase field data accuracy, reduce rolling a truck, schedule the right team and track crews in real-time.

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