Field Squared Field Service Management Process Automation Platform

Field Squared is the industry’s first unified Field Service Management Process Automation Platform. As a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Field Squared is flexible, scalable and purpose-built to optimize the efficiency of your field service workforce. Focusing on business process automation, Field Squared enables enterprises to digitally transform, completely automate and streamline their field service operations, from the frontline to back-office systems. The powerful Platform delivers predictive analytics for proactive planning as well as interoperability across existing business systems—including legacy solutions—without the need for any software development or ongoing application maintenance and no coding required.

The Field Squared Platform is easily configurable across any industry. With a web-based application for administrators, supervisors and dispatchers, as well as a mobile application for your field workforce, Field Squared automates your field operations processes to help you do more with less or square your productivity, all without actually adding a physical headcount to your field workforce.

What Makes Field Squared The Best Field Service Management Platform

Enterprise-Grade Platform Icon
Cloud-Based SaaS
Cloud-Based SaaS Icon
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Business Process Automation Interoperability with Back-Office Systems Codeless Workflow Builder Flexible, Configurable
Business Process Automation Icon Integrations Icon Workflow Builder Icon App Configuration Icon

Platform Capabilities

Asset Management Icon Asset Management & Visibility
Capture complex operational data for coordinated asset management and visibility at all times.

Learn more: Asset Management and Visibility

Field Analytics Icon Field Service Analytics, Reporting & Business Intelligence
Measure, visualize and track all aspects of your operations, with powerful reporting and analytics.

Learn more: Field Service Analytics, Reporting & Business Intelligence

Field Workforce Management Icon Field Workforce Management & Mobility
Know where your field workforce is at all times and get the right technician to every appointment on time.

Learn more: Field Workforce Management & Mobility

Scheduling, Dispatch and Route Optimization Icon Scheduling, Dispatch & Route Optimization
Leverage predictive, real-time insights to take control of your scheduling and optimize routes for increased efficiency.

Learn more: Scheduling, Dispatch & Route Optimization

Field Data Capture Smart Form Icon Field Data Capture with Smart Form Automation
No more paper forms. Accurate, effortless digital field data collection for your distributed field service workforce.

Learn more: Field Data Capture with Smart Form Automation

Field Service Work Order Management Icon Work Order Management
Plan, track and manage your work orders and field service workforce—from the field to the back-office.

Learn more: Work Order Management

Customer Experience Icon Customer Experience Management & Notifications
From improved first call resolutions to job close out efficiency gains, with Field Squared your field service organization and workforce are the heroes.

Learn more: Customer Experience Management & Notifications


Field Workforce Management & Mobility

Watch this short product video (it’s only about 1-minute!) to see inside Field Squared’s field workforce management and mobility software.
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field workforce management and mobility product video

Technology: How the Field Squared Platform Works

Field Squared’s modular, cloud-based platform for field operations management was built from the ground-up with security in mind—military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and SSL-2048 comes standard—Field Squared is unlike any other field service management solution in the market, including being the only HIPAA Certified field service software provider. The multi-tenant Platform runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) virtual private cloud, where servers are monitored for auto-failover, redundancy and scaling. Learn more about Field Squared security.

Field Squared has a rapid deployment model, so you’re up and running in as little as 30 days. The mobile application allows your field workforce to use any standard iOS or Android device in the field and the same configuration is deployed as a fully native application to every device, instantly. Field Squared Mobile, Sync and Merge Engine works online and offline – so even if your cellular or WiFi network is down, you can keep working and we’ll sync everything when you come back online.

Core Field Squared Technology: Engines and Builders

App Configuration Icon App Builder
App Builder is the starting place for configuring and customizing the Field Squared Platform to meet your business process needs. Everything is configurable, allowing for flexibility in managing your field workforce.

Learn more: App Builder

Workflow Builder Icon Workflow Builder
The powerful Workflow Builder enables event-driven business process automation, in an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. From designing your own data integrations, to updating multiple systems in response to changes in the field, the possibilities are practically endless. No coding required.

Learn more: Workflow Builder

Data Analytics Engine Icon Data Analytics Engine
The Data Analytics Engine enables the rapid creation of custom reports and charts – no coding required. Displayed on the Field Squared Dashboard, you gain a real-time view of your field operations. Reports can be exported to a database, API, sent via email, or saved to a cloud file service such as Dropbox.
Notifications Engine Icon Notifications Engine
Provide a better customer experience with arrival information, improved communications and complete documentation. The Notifications Engine enables your field workforce to send real-time status updates via text, email or phone call.
Mobile, Offline Sync and Merge Engine Icon Mobile, Offline Sync & Merge Engine
Field service is notorious for inadequate or unavailable cellular or WiFi connectivity. With online and offline syncing, all data and location information are automatically synced and restored, ensuring no loss of important field information.
Geospatial Mapping Engine Icon Geospatial/Mapping Engine
Field Squared extends your GIS data to the field, providing a visualization of your assets on a map. At any point in time, you know what needs attention and where, and with offline availability, your field crew is always connected.
Field Service Integrations Icon Integrations Engine
Link your field workforce to the back-office, with seamless interoperability across existing business systems and processes, including legacy solutions. The Field Squared event-driven Integration Engine works with cloud applications, customer relationship management solutions (CRM), geographic information systems (GIS), enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), HR/payroll tools, outage management systems (OMS), AI/data analytics tools, support ticketing solutions, enterprise databases, and more.

Learn more: Integrations

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