GPS Tracking

Team locations are tracked continuously using the built-in GPS of your user’s devices (even in remote areas) and the data is uploaded to our cloud servers.

Your team’s location tracking data remains private to your company at all times. We keep all the routes actually driven by your team for up to a year.

Plan Jobs in Remote Places

  • Our iOS and Android apps can track users in remote locations using the GPS
  • Works in area with no or limited network connectivity – location tracking data is forwarded once cell reception is restored
  • Map based job planning using satellite photos and street maps, driving directions and GPS job locations
  • All data captured in the field is tagged with the GPS location and time of the update

Mileage Reporting

We automatically track and calculate the mileage driven by your team and can provide mileage reports for the day, week, month or year.

Our reports are 99.7% accurate in most areas and can be used for IRS reporting on your tax returns. Reports can broken down by customer, asset or job.

Replay History

Every interaction with our platform is tracked so you can:

  • Know where your team was at any exact point in time
  • Know when and were all data was collected

Protect yourself from false liability claims by proving that you were (or weren’t) there when there’s a dispute with a customer.