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Plan, Track and Manage Oil Field Operations from a Single Platform

The ever-fluctuating nature of the Oil & Gas industry means you need more than just an edge to contend in a competitive market. You need the right oil and gas field service management software solution and capabilities to optimize operational efficiency anywhere you can.

With accurate documentation, scheduling and route optimization capabilities as well as GPS-based crew tracking, Field Squared helps you be proactive with up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips. Field Squared helps ensure know exactly where parts may fail, or pressure is out of range, before it becomes a problem. Save time, reduce costs and increase oilfield operational efficiency with Field Squared’s unified field service management platform.

Key Benefits & Features

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Integrate with your third-party systems, so you never miss a thing Works online and offline, syncing all changes when connectivity is restored View and manage assets and track inventory in real-time

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Oil & Gas Mobile Field Service Software Demo

Watch this 2-minute demo video to see inside Field Squared’s mobile service software for the Oil & Gas industry.

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Increase Pad Site Inspection Efficiency

  • Automate existing manual processes across upstream, midstream, and downstream operations
  • Instantly share pressure readings, run tickets, and create work requests across your back-office systems
  • Eliminate duplicate arrivals and optimize fleet management with scheduling and route optimization
  • Shorten project cycle times and reduce capital investments
  • Attach digital Smart Forms to work orders created in the field
  • Automate compliance testing, pipeline inspections, drilling, treatment, permitting, frack data collection, well testing, and time sheets

Automate & Mobilize Asset Monitoring

  • Remotely monitor and respond to asset conditions (i.e., pressure, temperature, NOX/O2)
  • Ensure compliance and avoid fines via recurring automated environmental inspection tasks
  • Ensure plant rounds are completed in the field with GPS tracking of the operator walking the plant as readings were captured
  • Automate production data collection: notifications, inspection, production sheets, level & pressure readings

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“Winn-Marion is all about wowing our customers with the benefits of automation. I am pleased to have found a partner like Field Squared to do the same for our internal processes so that we can continue to innovate and grow.”

David Murphy, IT Supervisor at the Winn-Marion Companies

Increase Oilfield Data Capture Accuracy

  • Capture field data and automate business processes with digital Smart Forms
  • Online and offline availability syncs all data when connection is restored
  • Easily include photos, markup, annotations, and site sketches with work orders and assets
  • Pull lookup values and catalogues from third-party systems
  • Instantly share data with teams, corporate, customers, and back-office systems

Learn more about Field Data Capture via Digital Smart Forms

Track Progress and Crews in Real-Time

  • Enhance first call resolution performance metrics with real-time GPS team tracking
  • Access a historical replay of your field workforce locations and work orders
  • Improve customer service experience with automated status alerts
  • Effectively plan projects using satellite photos and street maps, driving directions and GPS

Learn more about Team Location Tracking

Schedule, Dispatch & Optimize Routes

  • Minimize windshield time, mileage and idling
  • Quickly plan routes to optimize efficiency
  • Match the right technician to work orders with skills tagging
  • Find the nearest crew

Learn more about Scheduling, Dispatch and Route Optimization

Plan and Track Projects and Meet Compliance or Safety Regulations

  • Track long and short duration projects, such as multi-year pipeline inspection programs
  • Gain real-time visibility of your sub-contractor supply chain, ERP solutions and more
  • Provide job-appropriate safety checklists to your field technicians
  • Improve compliance with regulations and policies

Download the Oil & Gas Datasheet

Learn more about Field Squared’s field service management software for oil and gas service organizations.

field squared oil gas datasheet

Industry Leaders Digitally Transforming Operations with Field Squared


See Customer Innovation Stories

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