Manage Inspections, Audit Facilities, and Create Quotes from a Single Platform

On any given day, you’re busy juggling many things happening in the field. Whether it’s a site inspection or survey, managing facilities, or dealing with compliance, every day is a flurry of activity. How do you manage it all and enable your field workforce to be a truly functioning mobile team?

The Field Squared Field Service Automation Platform is easily configurable to any type of inspection, survey, or job anywhere in the world. Best of all, everyone in the organization has access to the same, accurate information and customer documentation–from the field to the office and everywhere in between.

Sun Valley Solar Doubles Efficiency and Expands Capabilities

"We can now handle 70 to 100 work orders per case manager, thanks to the streamlined process with Field Squared."
- Jim Hutson, Commercial and Residential O&M Manager, Sun Valley Solar.

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Segra Streamlines Operations and Scales by 300%

“We've scaled our company up by 300% over seven years, which probably wouldn't have been doable without Field Squared.” - Jim Kent, a Market Vice President Operations, Segra

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HyperFiber Increases Installation Capacity Tenfold

"We have scaled from doing one to two installs a day to 20 without a single headcount hire."
- Justin Nelson, COO, EVP Engineering and Operations, HyperFiber

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Oregon Aerial Construction Increases Efficiency

"Field Squared has transformed our field operations, allowing us to complete more projects with greater efficiency."
- Sean O'Brien, Market VP of Operations at Oregon Aerial Construction

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Great Plains Gas Compression Saves $250K

"Based on our initial rollout, we have already saved an annual amount of $250,000 in overhead costs."
- William Morgan, Implementation Specialist, Great Plains Gas Compression

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Sea Tow Enhances Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

"Since we've switched to Field Squared, all of our customer responses have been very positive."

- Jim Foley, CFO at Sea Tow

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Key Benefits

Digital Mobile Smart Forms to capture data against field work
Mobile-Offline-Sync-Engine-Icon-Field-Squared (1)

Works online and offline/disconnected, syncing all changes when connectivity is restored


View and manage assets and track inventory in real-time

Offline capable so you can collect data from anywhere, anytime

Key Features


Increase Site Inspections and Surveying Efficiency Through Automation

  • Automate existing paper-based processes across inspection or compliance forms and safety checklists
  • Instantly share results, create tickets and close work orders across your back-office systems
  • Optimize field technician management with scheduling, dispatch and route optimization
  • Audit complex multi-site facilities with the Field Squared mobile application

Access Full Site Inspection History and Customer Documentation

  • Enable technician efficiency with all previous paperwork for every inspection, site and customer at their fingertips
  • Seamlessly track and measure customer work orders to completion
  • Effortlessly maintain multiple service addresses for customers
  • Quickly access engineering, asset, customer and documentation data in the field
  • View the entire history of inspections or site surveys

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Provide Better Decision-Making Solutions

Ensure your field workforce has better decision-making tools right in the field. With context-sensitive operating procedures and embedded steps to mitigate outages, your field crew can make more effective decisions and save you time and money.

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Download the Inspections & Surveying Datasheet

Learn more about Field Squared’s field service management software for inspections and surveying service organizations.


Improve Inspection Field Data Capture Accuracy with Digital Smart Forms

  • Capture field data and automate business processes with digital Smart Forms
  • Leverage auto-populate fields to eliminate manual data re-entry
  • Quickly create quotes, PDFs and compliance documentation automatically
  • Integrate inspection field data across your back-office systems in real time
  • Easily attach photos, markup and barcodes as well as add annotations to inspection forms
  • Include site sketches with custom shapes and leader lines, including distances and angles

Learn about Field Data Capture via Digital Smart Forms


Keep Your Customers In-The-Know with Real-Time Status Notifications

  • Notify the customer in real-time of an inspector’s arrival status
  • Easily view customer details on a Map
  • Manage inspections and surveys in real-time via GPS tracking
  • View a historical replay of your inspections for compliance and auditing

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Plan and Track Projects and Meet Compliance or Safety Regulations

  • Track long and short-duration projects, such as multi-year inspection programs
  • Gain real-time visibility of your sub-contractor supply chain, ERP solutions, and more
  • Provide job-appropriate safety checklists to your field technicians
  • Improve compliance with regulations and policies

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