Deliver Great Customer Experience

Delight Customers with Real-Time Status Updates and Accurate Information


Field Service Customer Experience Management & Notifications

It’s the age of the customer, where a bad experience expressed on social media can positively impact or greatly damage a company’s reputation in mere hours. Today, the customer is not just right; the customer is informed and armed with alternatives. The alternatives are your competitors, ready to pounce at the opportunity to win your customers. As a field service organization, how do you stay ahead and provide the best customer experience?

The Field Squared Platform helps you delight customers with improved customer service management and enhanced customer experience. Your field workforce can provide real-time status updates via text, email, or phone, so the customer is always in the know and can plan their day better. From improved first call resolutions to job close out efficiency gains, with Field Squared your field service organization and workforce are the heroes.

Key Benefits


Improve first-call resolutions with full, up-to-date information


Enhance the customer experience with real-time status updates


Increase work order close out efficiency


Access full, accurate information and documentation

Key Features


Real-Time Status Notifications

Easily gain control of late arrival and rescheduling situations by sending real-time updates to customers right from the field via the Field Squared mobile application.

  • Notify the customer in real-time of a field worker's arrival status
  • Easily view customer details on a map
  • On-site arrival/departure times for field workers are automatically recorded

Field Workforce Management & Mobility


Watch this short product video (it’s only about 1-minute!) to see inside Field Squared’s field workforce management and mobility software.


Improve First Call Resolutions

Repeat visits significantly decrease the efficiency of field service organizations. Field Squared helps you improve the customer experience and provide your field workforce with the capabilities necessary to get the job done right the first time.

  • Reduce callbacks by taking up-to-the-minute job details to the field
  • Improve first-call resolutions with full, up-to-date information
  • Access full, accurate information and documentation – no need to hunt down missing paperwork
  • Technicians have all the previous paperwork for every customer at their fingertips

Accurate, Consistent Information

No more sifting through paperwork order forms, delaying work order completion due to lack of information or making multiple visits to the same customer because of inaccurate data. Field Squared provides all customer work order information from the corporate office to the field for a complete, accurate history.

  • Technicians have all the previous paperwork for every customer at their fingertips
  • On-site arrival and departure times for all techs are automatically recorded
  • Quickly create work orders for customers in the field
  • Effectively track and measure customer work orders to completion
  • Easily maintain multiple service addresses for customers

Increase Work Order Close Out Efficiency

Field Squared empowers your field workforce to significantly speed up the process of closing out customer work orders. Since everything is digitized and available via mobile device, tablet, or laptop/desktop directly from the field, there is no need to spend any extra time doing paperwork in the truck at the end of the day. Everything is instantly available to the customer, the corporate office, and the field.

  • Effortlessly track customer work orders to completion
  • Customers get job documents emailed to them from the job site
  • Documents are shared instantly with your whole team
  • Close out work orders faster
  • Email customers from the job site with work order-related documents

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