Facilities, Building and Property Management Field Service Operations Software

Every day, facilities, building, and property management professionals just like you wake up to a new list of site visits to conduct, maintenance work orders to schedule, assets or equipment to repair, and cost reports to review. Whether you manage a single site, multiple sites, or highly complex sites, it can be challenging to stay organized. Do you have the right field service software to accomplish everything with ease?

Field Squared provides all-in-one software to help you manage your day-to-day service operations as a facility, building, or property management business. From scheduling the right technician via skills tagging to tracking assets in real-time, with Field Squared, you can view, access, and manage it all in a single pane of glass.

For your mobile field workforce, including staff, contingent and contract labor, the Field Squared Mobile Application provides technician enablement that empowers your workforce to complete jobs on time, the first time.

Key Benefits

Consolidated view across schedules, technicians, and assets

Real-time asset management and inventory tracking


Scheduling and dispatching to ensure the right technician to the right job at the right time

Reporting and analytics to help you make informed business decisions

Key Features

A Consolidated View to Manage Your Entire Field Service Operations

Facilities, building, and property management service businesses deal with a multitude of varying tasks on any given day. The challenge of managing it all without visibility is at the core of every operations manager's mind. Field Squared helps you gain a consolidated view across everything in real time.



Schedule Staff, Contractors, and Contingent Workers to Job Sites

Whether you manage a single site, multiple sites, or highly complex sites, scheduling work can be time-consuming without the right tools. Field Squared makes it easy to schedule work at the click of a button.

  • Be proactive about regular maintenance with recurring schedules
  • Generate schedules against sites or assets at the sites
  • Access a consolidated view of schedules across your field workers and assets
  • Use our native route optimization solution to reduce drive time
  • Match the right technician to the job with skill tagging

Track and Manage Assets in Real-Time

Whether you manage and maintain internal or customer-owned assets, Field Squared ensures you always know where assets, parts, equipment, and materials are.

  • View the current location of assets as well as the historical location over time
  • Generate work orders against assets at sites or the site itself via a hierarchical registry
  • Improve asset utilization across sites by analyzing asset metrics
  • Scan barcodes to quickly pull up asset details

Do you use Esri? Learn about our zero-effort integration to your existing Esri ArcGIS asset database.

Learn more about Field Squared Enterprise Asset Management capabilities.


Field Workforce Management & Mobility (Needs New)


Watch this short product video (it’s only about 1-minute!) to see inside Field Squared’s field workforce management and mobility software.


Conduct Inspections, Assessments, POEs, or Any Type of Work with Mobile Forms

Inspections, site visits, and assessments—each require a different form. Field Squared’s industry-leading forms builder is flexible, allowing you to quickly create any form in minutes.

  • Create pre-task planning (PTP), post-occupancy evaluations (POEs), and job hazard analysis (JHA) forms
  • Capture photos to document conditions
  • Ensure lockout/tagout procedures are handled correctly
  • Attach related documents, such as BIM, blueprints, lease contracts, assessments, and walk-throughs
  • Leverage approval workflows to automate signature capture

Learn more about Field Squared Mobile Forms.


Leverage Inventory Planning and Parts Tracking Tools

From site to site, site to truck, truck to truck – you name it, Field Squared tracks it. You always know your stock, who has it, and where. Take the guesswork out and simply know.

  • Track and trace the location of inventory in real-time
  • Maintain inventory replenishment thresholds with automated alerts to re-order
  • Enable technicians with mobile inventory management tools
  • Accurately report cost of goods as well as invoice customers for parts used on work orders

Learn more about Field Squared Inventory Management.


Optimize Operations, Assets and Capital

Day-to-day operations can be hectic in the world of facilities and property management. You need to know the ins and outs of what happens on any given day and how it affects cost and resource allocation.

  • Report on work hours to complete jobs
  • Take control of overhead costs by analyzing inventory/supplies reports
  • Track labor costs across permanent staff or contingent and contracted workers
  • Understand time spent and costs incurred maintaining assets or equipment

Download the Facilities, Building and Property Management Datasheet

Learn more about Field Squared’s field service management software for facilities, buildings, and property management organizations.


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