Real-time Workforce Tracking and Management

With inherently distributed teams, field service organizations are challenged with understanding how, when, and where their mobile field workforce is at any given time. Ensuring compliance and safety are just two sides of the equation, while efficiency and cost containment comprise the other. Do you know where your field workforce is at this very moment? If an emergency request comes in, how do you schedule the nearest worker, what parts will they need, and how will the customer be impacted? Answering these questions takes the right field service management software.

The Field Squared Platform empowers end-to-end mobile workforce management, automating your field service processes and operations. Through real-time updates, your dispatcher, supervisor, or field operations manager is in control, with visibility at all times. Even in remote areas where the loss of connectivity is common, Field Squared’s proprietary Mobile, Offline Sync, and Merge Engine work online and offline. Even if your cellular or WiFi network is down, you can keep working, and we’ll sync everything when you come back online. No loss of data, ever. When emergency calls come in, assigning the nearest worker to the job is a breeze, including ensuring the available parts. Get Field Squared and take the guesswork out of your field service operations. The many benefits include:

  • Online and offline app and data availability to enable field workers, no matter where they are.
  • Real-time location tracking using the built-in GPS of the field worker’s device.
  • Tracking and replay of workforce locations and work orders for verification and auditing.
  • Abilty to measure field service operations productivity, with powerful reporting and analytics.

Key Features


Mobile Application

Stay connected with your field workforce using Field Squared’s Field Service Mobile Application. Leverage mobile devices' built-in GPS to continuously track field worker locations, even in remote areas. Predict delays and send automated notifications to customers and supervisors, ensuring timely updates and improved service reliability.

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Field Data Capture with Mobile Smart Forms

Field Squared's Mobile Smart Forms enable your field workforce to collect and capture data more efficiently. Our intuitive form builder makes creating, designing, and publishing flexible, powerful mobile forms easy. Digitize all your paper field service forms to streamline data collection and sharing across your field workforce, back-office systems, third-party systems, and customers. Enhance accuracy and efficiency in field data capture, ensuring your team has the tools for seamless operations.

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Work Order Management

Optimize your field operations with Field Squared’s work order management solution. The Field Squared Platform enables real-time tracking of work orders and crews, auto-scheduling of multiple work orders, and seamless integration with your back-office systems. Gain real-time visibility into work order status, enhance operational efficiency, and extend work orders effortlessly across your organization. Discover the advantages of a unified platform to streamline your field service management.

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Advanced AI-driven Scheduling and Dispatch

Enhance your field service operations with Field Squared’s new Advanced Scheduling Module. This AI-driven scheduling optimizer automates the scheduling of field service teams in seconds, optimizing schedules according to user preferences such as technician workload, utilization, skills, travel time, and fuel consumption. 

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"We've scaled our company up by 300% over seven years, which probably wouldn't have been doable without Field Squared."

Jim Kent, a Market Vice President Operations, Segra

Field Workforce Location Tracking

Feel at ease knowing your field workforce locations are tracked continuously by leveraging the built-in GPS of the devices used by your field workforce, even in remote areas.

Predict when a field worker or technician will not arrive on time and send an automated notification with a status to the customer and/or supervisor.

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Time Cards

It's time to automate your time cards with Field Squared’s advanced capabilities. Enable your mobile field workforce to clock in and out effortlessly, accurately tracking their time throughout the day. Field operations managers and supervisors can easily access, edit, and approve time cards individually or in bulk. Additionally, you can view the GPS location of each clock-in/out event for audit and verification purposes. Streamline payroll processing with comprehensive reporting against time cards. Discover how Field Squared can simplify and enhance time tracking for your field service teams.

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Customer Updates and Notifications

Elevate customer experience with Field Squared’s automated customer updates and notifications. Empower your field workforce to provide real-time status updates via text, email, or phone, keeping customers informed and enabling them to plan their day better. Achieve improved first-call resolutions and job closeout efficiency gains, making your field service organization and workforce the heroes. Delight your customers and ensure exceptional service with timely and accurate updates.

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Team Collaboration and Messaging 

Benefit from seamless in-app collaboration, messaging, voice, and video capabilities. Create automated messaging and collaboration workflows, make voice or video calls, and engage in one-on-one or group conversations without leaving the app. Reference enterprise assets, work orders, customer records, and digital work order forms within your conversations. With everything available at your fingertips in a single, unified application, Field Squared ensures efficient and effective communication for your field service teams.

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Field Workforce Management & Mobility


Watch this short product video (it’s only about 1-minute!) to see inside Field Squared’s field workforce management and mobility software.

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Mobile Team Reporting and Management

With automatic mileage tracking, detailed field worker history, and visual heat maps, you can optimize territory management, understand customer locations, and streamline work orders.


Mileage Reporting

Field Squared automatically tracks and calculates the mileage driven by your field workforce, providing actionable mileage reports for the day, week, month or year.

Our reports are 99.7% accurate and can be used for IRS reporting on your company tax returns. Reports can be further broken down by customer, asset or work order for flexibility in reporting and analysis.


Field Worker Replay History

Every interaction with the Field Squared Platform—from desktop to mobile device—is automatically tracked so you can:

  • Know where your field workforce was at any point in time
  • Gain context around when and where data was collected
  • Protect yourself from false liability claims

Manage Field Worker Territories and Understand Where Your Customers are Concentrated

Without a visual representation, it’s not easy to understand where your customers are located in relation to one another or to your field workers. With the Field Squared Heat Map, you can pinpoint where your customers are concentrated and view them right from the Map.

  • Effectively create and manage field worker territories, assigning work orders based on customer location
  • Gain a top-down understanding of trends in the concentration of customers against locations and work orders
  • Quickly gain perspective of how many work orders are scheduled vs. backlogged
  • Leverage a work order timer feature to track the time taken to complete work orders

Management Reporting, Analytics, and BI

Field Squared's Mobile Workforce Management subscription includes automated, real-time field service analytics, reporting, and business intelligence. It enables tracking key performance indicators and overall field service health, optimizing work order efficiency, reducing travel time, and leveraging predictive data for cost savings. The unified dashboard allows comprehensive measurement, tracking, and analysis of field operations, enhancing decision-making and efficiency.

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What is Mobile Workforce Management?

Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) refers to the strategic approach and technological solutions used to manage employees who work outside a traditional office environment. It involves scheduling, dispatching, tracking, and optimizing field workers and mobile employees. By using software and mobile applications, organizations can efficiently allocate resources, monitor performance in real-time, and streamline communication. MWM enhances productivity, reduces operational costs, and improves customer service by ensuring that the right employee is at the right place at the right time, equipped with the necessary tools and information to perform their tasks effectively.

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