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Field Service Inventory Planning, Management and Parts Tracking Software

Know the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Parts and Equipment Inventory at All Times

Inventory governance is a key challenge faced by many field service businesses. To effectively manage field service work order demand, you need to know the who, what, where, when and how of each job. The “what” squarely focuses on not only what the job entails, but what parts are required to complete the work. When you schedule your field workers, do you have visibility into inventory levels of parts they need? Can field workers transfer needed parts in real-time?

From the warehouse to the truck to the job, the Field Squared Field Service Automation Platform allows you to manage inventory and track parts at all times. At every stage of the inventory lifecycle, you know where it is, when it got there and who took possession. No more wondering which warehouse has the inventory you need, or if the technician’s truck has the required parts to complete the work order you just scheduled.

The Field Squared Mobile Application enables your field technicians with the tools they need to locate and transfer inventory while on the job site.

All inventory levels are updated in real-time, so you never have to guess the quantity of parts in stock.

Key Benefits & Features

track and trace inventory icon Track and trace the location of inventory in real-time mobile technician enablement icon Enable technicians with mobile inventory management tools
inventory replenishment icon Maintain inventory replenishment thresholds with automated alerts to re-order parts cost of goods inventory icon Accurately report cost of goods as well as invoice customers for parts used on work orders
scan barcode inventory icon Scan barcodes to look-up serial lot for part types, stock on-hand and its location real time notifications icon Automate real-time notifications when inventory is transferred


Enable Field Technicians with Mobile Inventory Management

In the field, your technicians need the right parts and equipment to effectively complete work orders. Whether the parts are already on the truck or back at the warehouse, the Field Squared Mobile Application provides mobile inventory management, allowing your field workforce to:

  • Increase efficiency by leveraging native GIS to locate parts nearby
  • Scan barcodes to pull-up parts to check availability
  • Easily maintain serial numbers and supports lot numbers
  • Help reduce waste by accurately accounting for parts used
  • View a list of parts on the truck, at the warehouse or wherever parts and equipment are stored

Track Inventory Movements in Real-Time

Knowing who has which parts can be time-consuming without the right software. With Field Squared, you can track inventory movements in real-time, including across multiple storage locations.

For instance, a technician installs parts at customer site; they may even be rented parts. A few days later, they find they don’t need the parts. So, they transfer them back to the warehouse to be used at another customer site.

To help with loss prevention, inventory transfers automatically create an audit trail, stamped with the location, date, time, and user. If you need to verify and audit when a situation arises, you know the where, when and who for every nut, bolt, cable, power tool or part you have in inventory.

Schedule Jobs Knowing You Have the Parts On Hand

Scheduling and dispatching technicians to job sites involves more than just picking a date and time. You need to know your field worker has the right parts and equipment when you schedule the job in the first place.

Field Squared inventory management capabilities can help you increase the number of work orders technician’s complete by ensuring they have the right parts before you schedule the job. By reducing repeat visits, you also improve customer satisfaction, getting the job done right the first time.


Field Workforce Management & Mobility

Watch this short product video (it’s only about 1-minute!) to see inside Field Squared’s field workforce management and mobility software.

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field workforce management and mobility product video

Easily Conduct More Accurate Inventory Reviews

Keeping track of every minute part or piece of inventory can be time consuming and you probably need to conduct regular reviews across your entire inventory. Depending on your inventory management strategy, Field Squared provides the capabilities to help you conduct more accurate inventory reviews.

  • Access the key data you need to conduct periodic or continuous inventory reviews
  • Cut down on carrying costs by knowing the exact inventory you have
  • Forecast demand for parts based on past usage history, such as seasonality, customer demands and sales
  • Search the inventory hierarchy to find and locate parts
  • Access an audit trail of parts inventory

Associate Parts Inventory to Mobile Forms, Work Orders, Assets, and Customers

Need to have specific parts available for specific customers? Or, maybe your assets have parts that need repairing. Whatever the case, Field Squared’s inventory management capabilities can help operations managers set their field technicians up for success the first time.

  • Include required parts lists on your mobile forms
  • Ensure the inventory of parts are associated with assets that need maintenance
  • Attach needed parts to work orders
  • Transfer parts to customer sites

Integrate Your ERP, Inventory Systems, Supply Chain Software and Warehouse Management Systems

We get it. The average field service business juggles multiple disparate tools, systems and software across their operations. Leverage your current investments in third-party systems by integrating the solutions you’re currently using with Field Squared. Via bi-directional automated updates orchestrated across your third-party systems, Field Squared enables you to see everything in a single pane of glass.

Leverage the power of Field Squared as the source of record for your inventory, or use your current investments in inventory management systems by integrating with Field Squared.

Learn more about Field Squared Integrations.

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