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At Field Squared, we understand the complexities and challenges of managing a dynamic field service team. Our Field Service Automation Platform is engineered to optimize your operations and maintenance service by streamlining workflows and enhancing real-time communication. By leveraging advanced automation and intuitive mobile capabilities, our platform empowers your field workforce to deliver exceptional service, improve response times, and increase efficiency. Discover how Field Squared can transform your field service operations, ensuring seamless coordination and superior service delivery. Some of the many benefits:

  • Automate routine tasks and streamline workflows to boost efficiency and reduce downtime.
  • Improve coordination and decision-making with improved communication between field teams and the office.
  • Utilize advanced analytics to manage resources, anticipate issues, and optimize scheduling proactively.
  • Gain full operational visibility with easy integration from legacy and existing systems.

What's Included In The Field Service Management and Automation Subscription

Our Field Service Management and Automation Subscription includes Mobile Workforce Management plus:

Key Features


Mobile Workforce Management

Field Squared's mobile workforce management enables real-time tracking and management, ensuring visibility and control over your mobile field workforce. It automates field service processes, even in offline scenarios, with its Mobile, Offline Sync, and Merge Engine. Dispatchers can efficiently assign the nearest worker to emergency calls, ensuring parts availability and maintaining seamless operations. All features from Mobile Workforce Management are included with the Field Service Management subscription.

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Management Reporting, Analytics, and BI.

Field Squared's platform offers automated, real-time field service analytics, reporting, and business intelligence. It helps track key performance indicators, optimize work order efficiency, and reduce travel time and fuel costs. With a unified dashboard, you can measure, track, and analyze your entire field operations, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives and improving overall efficiency. Management Reporting, Analytics, and BI is included with the Field Service Management and Automation subscription.

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Workflow Builder

Field Squared's proprietary Workflow Builder revolutionizes field service management by automating processes and integrating disparate back-office systems. This intuitive, no-code, drag-and-drop interface allows for event-driven automation, boosting efficiency and reducing costs. Quickly implement data integrations and orchestrate operations seamlessly, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency across your field service workforce.


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Inventory Management

Field Squared's Field Service Management and Automation platform ensures effective inventory governance by providing real-time visibility into inventory levels from the warehouse to the job site. Field technicians can locate and transfer parts on-site using the mobile app, while inventory levels are updated instantly, eliminating guesswork and enhancing efficiency in managing field service work orders.

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Labor and Job Costing

Field Squared's platform simplifies labor and job costing for field service and asset management. It provides accurate estimates, billing, and invoicing by automating price list updates and accounting for labor rates and job costs. This robust software supports various industries, ensuring precise cost management and revealing new revenue opportunities, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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See the AI-driven Advanced Scheduling Module in Action


Watch this short product video to see how easily and quickly you could optimize your workforce scheduling for time, skills, workload, and more...

What is Field Service Management?

Field Service Management (FSM) is the process of coordinating and optimizing the activities of field service technicians and mobile workers. It encompasses the scheduling, dispatching, tracking, and support of personnel who provide services at customer locations. Using specialized software, FSM streamlines operations by automating tasks such as job assignment, inventory management, and route planning. This improves efficiency, reduces costs, and enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring timely and accurate service delivery. FSM solutions provide real-time visibility into field operations, allowing managers to make informed decisions and field workers to access necessary information and tools for completing their tasks effectively.

"As a leading field service management software provider, and one that understands the importance of geospatial asset management, Field Squared was a natural choice to partner with on this effort. Integrating ArcGIS and making the information available in the platform and mobile application directly in the field, is exciting for both Esri customers and Field Squared customers."


Matt Piper, Global Director Industry Solutions, and Industry Manager Electric and Gas at Esri

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