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Future-proof your field operations, realize revenue faster and achieve new levels of mobile workforce efficiency with the Field Squared Field Service Automation Platform.

Field Service Automation to Accelerate Operations Management

Field Squared is an all-in-one software platform that serves as the digital backbone for your field service operations, spanning field service management, enterprise asset management and mobile workforce management activities. Comprised of a suite of capabilities to effectively manage everything within a single application configured to your unique business needs, companies of every industry, size and scale can accelerate operations management. Only with Field Squared’s field service automation software are field service companies able to move faster, drastically reduce operating expenses and achieve exponential mobile field workforce efficiency gains without compromising.

Industry Leaders Digitally Transforming Operations with Field Squared


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Achieve Exponential Efficiency Gains

With Field Squared, you can increase efficiency across your entire business, from executives and operations managers to your mobile field workforce. Automated scheduling alone can greatly, oftentimes exponentially, increase field operational efficiency. Layer on additional efficiencies gained through route optimization and real-time GPS tracking, enables your team to do more with less, including increase the number of work orders completed in a day.

“As our field-based programs grew, we identified a need to streamline our project management processes with software to efficiently schedule, execute, and report on activities. We chose Field Squared as the best fit solution to help TRC meet these goals.”
Nate Spayde, Project Manager at TRC

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Automate to Improve Effectiveness

The right tools enable your operations managers and field workforce in multifaceted ways. Field Squared software helps empower your field teams to reduce repeat visits, increase first time fix rate and drive down repetitive tasks. Utilize mobile forms to eliminate double data entry, and leverage route optimization tools to schedule work orders with the right equipment, parts and inventory, to save considerable time. In our experience, you may see a 75% reduction in repetitive tasks when Field Squared field service automation is in place.

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“We had a goal to eliminate 95% of paperwork. I can confidently say we’ve reached that goal.”

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Realize Revenue Faster and Discover New Revenue Streams

Through improved tracking of revenue leakage, as well as identifying new revenue streams, you can realize revenue faster, capture otherwise lost revenue and discover entirely new revenue streams. Data that surfaced after months have passed is immediately accessible and actionable, such as capturing revenue from unbilled labor, saving on fuel costs through route optimization or billing for the consumption of equipment and materials used on work orders. Like many Field Squared customers, you may find entirely new revenue streams by increasing the number of work orders completed per day, combined with increasing revenue per call with better management of service contracts and warranties. All that and more is possible with Field Squared.

“We’re growing and we’re excited that Field Squared will grow with us. With Field Squared, we’re future-proofed.”
Darren Sanders, CEO at Health Testing Solutions

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Improve Your Customer Experience

Whether you offer field services for customers or your customer is internal to your company, customer perception and experience matters. Field Squared empowers executives, operations managers, and field workers with solutions to help you provide the best customer experience possible. The ability to send real-time notifications, increase customer retention through access to the right information at the right time or garner referrals for a job well done, are just a few capabilities to drive your customer experience.

“One of our favorite things about Field Squared is the confidence our customers have in us at getting the job done right the first time.”
Autumn Potter, Operations Manager at National Metering

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Make Better Informed, Data-Driven Decisions

Nothing is more dangerous than stale, inaccessible or non-existent data insights across your field service business operations. Because we understand the important role of data on key performance indicators (KPIs) in decision making, Field Squared was built with analytics in mind. Real-time metrics provide insights to help you make better informed, data-driven decisions. Field Squared further extends the ability to trend data analytics over time to better manage field services, end-to-end operations and improve asset utilization. Anytime, anywhere, your company can leverage trusted insights to act faster, without compromise.


Field Squared in 60 Seconds

Watch the 60-second demo video to see inside the Field Squared Field Service Automation software.

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Integrate the Systems You Use Every Day

From ticketing systems and accounting to outage management and CRM tools, the typical field service company maintains at least three disparate systems across their field service operations. Field Squared makes it easy to leverage existing investments you have already made in other systems, tools and software. Seamless pre-built connectors, bi-directional integrations, as well as our open API, offer solutions to orchestrate automatic updates across the many systems you use every day. You are in control to decide if the single source of truth is the originating system or Field Squared. Either way, data accuracy is significantly enhanced, while error-prone, manual double data entry is eliminated.

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Cloud Delivered Software without Disruptions

Without any hardware constraints or on-premises infrastructure considerations, delivering the Field Squared’s field service software built, delivered and deployed in the Cloud, means your team is up and running quickly.

Ensuring your field service operations experience no disruption is one of the underlying reasons we built Field Squared as a cloud-based software. We also took a mobile first approach. Our native iOS and Android Field Squared Mobile App is intuitive, though we provide training as part of our onboarding process. With Field Squared, getting your field team onboarded is a smooth process.

  • We implement remotely, because we don’t need to be in the same room to train and operationalize Field Squared.
  • All we need is copy of your existing form and we convert it to a digital version using our industry leading mobile forms builder.
  • Our native mobile app is 100% offline/disconnected mode capable when connectivity is non-existent.

Customize Your Field Squared Instance with Our API

Field Squared was built with flexibility in mind from the ground up. Field Squared’s robust RESTful API—fully documented, so you don’t have to guess how it works—enables you to connect to other third-party systems as part of automating simple to highly complex field operations workflows. Eliminate tedious, manual work to gain efficiencies, while also reducing data entry errors.

With the Field Squared API, we empower you to extend Field Squared anywhere you need, or want, to go.

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