Discover How HyperFiber Boosted Installation Capacity Tenfold with Field Squared

HyperFiber™ has successfully leveraged Field Squared to streamline its scheduling and dispatch operations. Implementing Field Squared’s platform has enabled HyperFiber to significantly increase its installation capacity and improve operational efficiency without adding extra dispatch personnel.

"We have scaled from doing one to two installs a day to 20 without a single headcount hire."

- Justin Nelson, COO, EVP Engineering and Operations, HyperFiber


HyperFiber, a fiber internet service industry startup, faced the challenge of scaling its operations to manage a high volume of installations across multiple states. Initially, the company relied on manual scheduling and dispatch processes, manageable at lower volumes but became increasingly cumbersome as the company grew. With a target of installing 25,000 to 30,000 customers annually, HyperFiber needed a robust solution to automate and streamline its field service operations.


To address these challenges, HyperFiber implemented Field Squared's Field Service Management Platform. The solution provided critical workflow automation functionalities like scheduling, routing, and custom forms. By integrating Field Squared with their existing OSS/BSS systems, HyperFiber could automate the scheduling and dispatch process, ensuring that field technicians and third-party contractors could efficiently manage their tasks.

The implementation was spearheaded by Justin Nelson, HyperFiber's COO, EVP of Engineering, and Operations. Nelson worked closely with Field Squared’s team to tailor the platform to meet their specific needs. This collaboration enabled HyperFiber to deploy the solution quickly and start reaping the benefits almost immediately.

"The real-time visibility in scheduling has been a game-changer for us." - Justin Nelson, COO, EVP Engineering and Operations, HyperFiber


Greater Efficiency Field Squared has significantly enhanced HyperFiber’s operational efficiency. The platform allows job information to be input and distributed to crews in minutes, a task that previously took much longer. This rapid distribution of job information has enabled HyperFiber to handle a higher volume of installations without increasing the number of dispatch staff.

Improved Field Communication: Field Squared's real-time capabilities have transformed how HyperFiber communicates with its field teams. Technicians can now take pictures and receive immediate feedback, streamlining the support process and reducing the need for field workers to return to the office.

Fast and Easy Data Retrieval With all data digitally available, HyperFiber can quickly retrieve information for field crews. This has improved the company’s ability to address issues promptly and efficiently, enhancing overall service quality.

Greater Crew Productivity The ability to assign jobs remotely has increased the productivity of HyperFiber’s field crews. Technicians can now move from one job to the next without returning to the office, significantly reducing downtime and increasing the number of installations completed daily.


HyperFiber’s adoption of Field Squared has played a crucial role in the company’s rapid growth and operational success. The platform’s flexibility and configurability have allowed HyperFiber to scale its operations efficiently, ensuring high customer satisfaction and service quality.

"Field Squared's flexibility allows us to continuously refine our processes as we grow."
- Justin Nelson, COO, EVP Engineering and Operations, HyperFiber