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Data Insights in a Single Pane of Glass across your entire Field Operations


Integrate Your Third-Party Systems, Tools and Software

Data is more valuable than oil. Whatever industry your business operates in, data fills the gap between the known and unknown across your field operations. The inability to make connections between events inhibits decision making—how do you know what’s working, what needs improving and where safety gaps are? With such tremendous value placed in such an intangible thing, you need the capabilities to easily extract what's meaningful from what's not.

The Field Squared Field Service Automation Platform is extensible across the many disparate systems, tools, and software the average field service business uses cross-departmentally daily.

Field Squared’s interoperability provides the flexibility to leverage the investments you’ve already made by integrating practically any third-party solution. This allows your teams to extract key analytics to ensure you have the right data to make better, more informed business decisions.

Key Benefits

Integrate cloud and legacy systems
Whether API, on-premises, web services, flat file, or SFTP, securely connect all your data sources—structured or unstructured.
Remove silos between departments and teams.
Everyone can access the same data and create saved dashboards based on need.
Enable more informed business decisions.
Make better, more informed business decisions by accessing previously unknown insights.

Eliminate manual, double-data entry
Bi-directional updates eliminate manual and double data entry, increasing accuracy and efficiency simultaneously.

Key Features


Gain a Consolidated, Real-Time View Across Your Field Operations Data

With many disparate data sources across your departments and teams, you need a way to consolidate the information to derive insights.

Field Squared helps you gain a comprehensive, consolidated view of your field operations data, no matter where it comes from. Saved dashboards allow operations managers to provide different layers of information to those who need it most, from operations to executives to finance.


Take All Your Data to the Field

Don’t leave your field technicians in the dark; provide data-level access to your third-party back-office systems.

By automatically enabling real-time bidirectional updates to data sources, field teams are more effective and efficient, and data accuracy is significantly increased since manual, double data entry is eliminated.

Field Squared + Esri

Do you use Esri ArcGIS® for your enterprise asset management and maintenance?
Learn more about our zero-effort integration with Esri ArcGIS® Enterprise and ArcGIS® Online



Make Better, More Informed Business Decisions

Operations managers, directors, and C-level executives make tough business decisions daily. Unfortunately, sometimes, those decisions aren’t based on the right data. Field Squared helps your teams make better, more informed business decisions by providing access to the right data at the right time.

  • Create saved dashboards across different teams, departments, and executives
  • Generate custom reports using your proprietary data sources
  • Email reports to anyone you specify, anytime

Leverage Connectors to be Up and Running Quickly

Use our pre-built connectors to some of the most common cloud applications, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Paycom, QuickBooks, and Salesforce.

Field Squared also has configurable connectors to Esri ArcGIS, Epicor Prophet21, QuickBooks, Sage, Salesforce, and SAP, as well as your back-office databases.

Looking for custom integrations?
Field Squared can be custom integrated with any of your teams' tools, such as ERP, GIS, EHR, CRM, OMS, analytics, inventory, or HR/payroll.


Federated Integrations

Access your data wherever it's stored. Field Squared easily connects to your proprietary data sources across data warehouses, data lakes, and in-house/custom applications.


No Code Workflow Builder

Field Squared Workflow Builder provides an intuitive drag-and-drop environment that provides a solution to empower your teams to create their own integrations effortlessly. As a graphical interface, no coding is ever required. Period. It’s that simple.

  • Update systems in response to events or changes in the field
  • Schedule data push/pull at specified intervals based on business rules
  • Import/Export your data as needed with a step-by-step wizard
  • Easily run reports across your data to gain real-time insights based on your KPIs

Learn more about Field Squared Workflow Builder


Customize Your Field Squared Instance with Our API

Field Squared was built with flexibility in mind from the ground up. Field Squared’s robust RESTful API—fully documented, so you don’t have to guess how it works—enables you to connect to other third-party systems to automate simple to highly complex field operations workflows. Eliminate tedious, manual work to gain efficiencies while reducing data entry errors.

With the Field Squared API, we empower you to extend Field Squared anywhere you need or want to go.

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