Inspections & Compliance Solutions

Say Goodbye to Manual Data Re-entry and Hello to Fully Automated Inspections

Automate Inspections

  • Automate any of your existing inspections or compliance processes
  • Replace spreadsheets and paper forms with a modern mobile app
  • Leverage the speed of touch screen with complex data capture, GPS tracking, photos, markup, barcode scanning and more
  • Change your smart forms and integrations at any time using our drag & drop app builder
  • Two-way sync of your field data with your existing back-end systems in real time
  • Access engineering, asset, customer and documentation data in the field

For Oil & Gas

  • Pipeline, tank, gauge, valve and well site inspections
  • Used from frack site inspections to offshore inspections
  • Automates any oil field inspection process
  • Integrate FLIR, SCADA, asset and production data with inspections
  • Tie marked up photos to data, including GPS and graphical data
  • Configurable mobile ERP solution for O&G operators and services companies
  • Sync your data with any combination of SAP, Oracle, SQL Server or GIS

For Utilities

  • Substation inspections automation
  • Provide job-appropriate safety checklists to crews
  • Tailboarding, safety and compliance forms automation
  • Pole audits including data capture for loading calculations and billing
  • Arc flash studies, transformer inspections, meter audits and more
  • Capture any utility processes using your existing forms
  • No retraining of your staff on a new process
  • Two-way sync your forms and data with SQL Server, Oracle or your GIS

For Roofing, HVAC and Construction

  • Audit complex multi-site facilities in a modern easy to use app
  • Create complex pre-installation checklists for large scale construction jobs
  • Provide your customers with real-time inspections data
  • Suitable for roofing, insurance, construction, facilities management and more
  • Capture photos, documentation and image markups, pricing with spreadsheet like functionality
  • Create quotes, PDFs and compliance documentation automatically from you field data
  • Two-way integrate your field inspection data with Salesforce, Quickbooks Online or SQL Server

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