IT Projects Delivered in Record Time and Under Budget

IT projects are usually high cost, risky, and have a high failure rate. And they’re usually the only way you can meet the unique needs of your customers.

At Field Squared, our innovative cloud-based SaaS platform gives you the advantages of an off-the-shelf product with the complete flexibility of a custom built solution. You can make IT projects successful in weeks rather than the months or years a rollout typically takes for projects like this.

Field Squared is the first real alternative for highly customized data collection for mobile users without going through the hassle of a software development project. Our App Builder can create custom apps in days that will surprise you in their level of sophistication and integration. Learn More.

Features we offer IT professionals to make you an IT hero:

  • Customized field data capture delivered in days (not months)
  • Manage jobs, assets, mileage, travel time, on-site job time, documents, users, teams, schedules, routes, contacts and more
  • Data is housed in Amazon AWS in a secure cloud
  • Apps work online or offline
  • Data quality and rules are enforced on the field Apps
  • No re-entry of paperwork into back office systems
  • Connect and sync data with most common SaaS systems
  • Push data to your in-house RDMBS systems and data warehouses
  • SFTP scheduled data drops of any data in any date range
  • Create customizable emails for events that happen in the field
  • Use any standard smart phone or tablet in the field (iOS / Android)
  • Browser based Apps tools for main office users
  • AES-256 and SSL 2024-bit security used throughout
  • Remote wipe of your data in case of theft
  • Big Data field operations data capture (across the boad location history, job history, map-reduce style queries, geo-location of all events and geo-analysis of data) which you can leverage in the future

All for a price that is significantly less expensive than custom software development and integrations – if your capital budget is constrained, Field Squared can easily be paid for out of your opex budget.

Check out our Features and Technical Framework, or Schedule a Demo to find out more.