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Enabling Field Workers with the Industry’s Most Intuitive Field Service Mobile Application

So, your organization wants you to increase effectiveness, complete more jobs, and improve communication. They plan to research, evaluate, and implement field service management software that includes a mobile application for you, the field worker. What does that mean for you and how will it affect daily tasks? The more you know about the software under consideration, the more you can help be an integral part of making the right decision for the organization, but, also, for field workers like yourself.

Our founders experienced first-hand what it was like to be in the field without technology to increase efficiency management was asking for or eliminate paper or any of the multitude of other performance improvements management was expecting. The Field Squared Mobile Application is a mobile-first application, built from the field worker’s point of view—tools you need to complete work orders, information you need at your fingertips, and collaboration mechanisms so you are in constant communication when issues arise to get you the help you need, faster. With Field Squared’s field service mobile application, field workers get more done, get paid faster, and keep customers happy in the fewest clicks of any field service mobile application.

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Complete All Your Work in a Single Mobile Application

What if you could do everything you needed to do at work in the field with one mobile application?

  • See your schedule for the day/week
  • Maintain and service assets
  • Order or transfer parts inventory
  • Collaborate with peers or operations in real-time
  • View job locations on a map
  • Get turn-by-turn driving directions

Field Squared’s field service mobile application puts you, the field worker, in control of your destiny. No need to use multiple apps. Field Squared provides everything you need at your fingertips, all-in-one.


Access Everything You Need When You Need It

Having the right information when a field worker needs it can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Field Squared makes it simple to access all work order, asset, or customer documentation when you need it. In a click or two, you can pull up a job, get directions, enter field collected data on a mobile form, update a customer to your arrival status, or transfer inventory and equipment from the warehouse to the truck. If your organization uses third-party, back-office or in-house built systems that are integrated with Field Squared (i.e., Esri ArcGIS, QuickBooks, ERP, OMS, CRM), the information is accessible to you within our mobile application. The connection is automated, so you don’t need to do double-data entry. Using Field Squared can help you increase first time fix rate and complete more jobs in a day, which translates to more money in your pocket, satisfied customers, and a happier manager.

We have an ambitious plan to grow the field side of our
business at EEI. We needed the right solution to effectively
manage operations. With real-time reporting, mapping
and ease of use, Field Squared will be the engine behind EEI,
driving efficiency across operations, planning, and execution.
Quinn Long, Large Volume Meter Supervisor at Energy Economics, Inc. "
We evaluated many other providers. Field Squared impressed us
with their ability to configure to our business processes and
easily integrate with investments we already made in other systems.
With Field Squared, we improve our customer experience and bottom
line at the same time.
Eric Smith, Director of Software Development and Engineering at Great Works Internet (GWI) "
With Field Squared, we decreased time spent per work
order by 75%, that includes verifications of data, reformatting/naming
pictures and forms, locating jobs in the field and job prep work.
Autumn Potter, Operations Manager at National Metering & Technical Services, LLC "

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Collaborate in Real-Time for Faster Problem-Resolution

Out in the field any number of issues can arise that require contacting a fellow field worker, an operations manager, dispatch, or service management. When that happens, you need answers fast. Field Squared allows you to collaborate in real-time from within the same mobile application.

  • Chat one-on-one with colleagues
  • Communicate with operations, dispatch, or service managers
  • Message as a group or in team conversations
  • Send links to assets, work orders, customer records, and forms directly within messages


Technology to Help Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness

If only everyone could experience just one day in the life of a field worker, they might realize the inherent challenges. We get it, and we can help make your life easier.

  • Mobile forms—from checklists and installations to repairs and inspections—can be filled out on your own device, even offline when you are in remote areas that lack connectivity
  • An interactive Map to visually see where a job, asset, inventory, or customer is located
  • Automated notifications to customers, so you keep them in-the-know without lifting a finger


Field Squared in 60 Seconds

Watch the 60-second demo video to see inside the Field Squared Field Service Automation software.

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Be Part of the Decision-Making Process

Field service management technology will be adopted at your organization whether you like it or not. Take part in the decision-making process by arming yourself with the right information help your manager make an informed decision. Help them choose a field service mobile application that is easy to use but powerful enough that you only need one application, not several, to do your job. Tell your manager about Field Squared, built from the field worker’s point of view–so you never miss a beat–while also providing operations managers and executives with the solutions they need everyday.

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