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Workflow Builder

With so many disconnected, time-consuming field service processes to manage and maintain, many field service organizations experience significantly hindered productivity, suffer a terrible loss of operational efficiency, and watch as costs increase with every work order. What if you could vastly increase the efficiency of your field service workforce by automating field service processes and orchestrating across your disparate back-office systems?

Unique and proprietary to Field Squared, the backbone of our field service management process automation platform is an extensible, intuitive Workflow Builder. The powerful Workflow Builder enables event-driven field service business process automation and orchestration in an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. From quickly implementing field service data integrations to updating and orchestrating across multiple back-office systems in response to changes in the field, the possibilities are near endless. All this, and no coding required.

Key Benefits

Automate business processes and workflows in an intuitive drag-and-drop environment, no coding required
Seamlessly integrate and orchestrate across your third-party, back-office, or in-house built systems
Realize field workforce efficiency gains by automating routine, mundane tasks

Reduce operational costs through streamlined field service processes

Key Features


Field Service Workflow Process Automation in a Simple Yet Powerful Drag-and-Drop Environment

Field Squared Workflow Builder is so simple to use that you wouldn’t know that an entire codebase is behind the scenes, powering your field service processes. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can automate, integrate, and orchestrate any field service process.

  • Track, chart, and report on mileage driven
  • Automate routine, manual field service operations processes
  • Ensure technician’s certifications are up-to-date via automated notifications
  • Set up automated emails to your field workers with their weekly schedule
  • Ensure 100% work order completion with quality control automation
  • Notify field workers of work order assignments from corporate dispatch
  • Automatically send customer invoices once a work order has been completed

Instantly Integrate and Orchestrate Updates from the Field Across Back-Office Systems

We know field service organizations have multiple disparate back-office systems to manage. The Field Squared Workflow Builder integrates with a near-endless list of third-party solutions and systems, allowing you to automate the orchestration of single—and bidirectional updates from the field.

  • Average number of exceptions across inspections
  • Automatically sync timecard information to HR/payroll system
  • Conduct deeper field performance analysis across your third-party AI/analytics tools
  • Seamless integration with your CRM
  • Two-way sync your forms and data with SQL Server and Oracle

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Field Workforce Management & Mobility (Needs New)

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