Accurately Account Labor and Job Costs

Capture lost revenue, improve job estimates or forecasts, and generate precise invoices


Labor and Job Costing for Field Service and Asset Management

Managing and tracking labor and job costing across field service and asset management strains, even the most organized of operations managers. Price lists change, SLAs in customer contracts are revised, and employee rates may differ from contractor rates. When servicing an asset, you can’t just send any field service technician. The type of asset maintenance most likely differs in terms of the skilled labor required to maintain the asset, thereby, the labor rate.

How do you ensure you’re charging the right labor rates and not giving materials away for free? Are you missing out on new revenue opportunities? Is it easy to create accurate job estimates for future work?

The Field Squared Field Service Automation Platform takes the guesswork out of labor and job costing. With Field Squared, you can account for labor and job costs for clear, accurate estimates, billing, and invoicing. Stop manually updating price lists/price books when you can automate updates across your field operations in minutes.

Field Squared’s robust labor and job costing software can be leveraged for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Field Service Management (FSM), and everything in between. This makes Field Squared uniquely positioned to help organizations of any size, industry, or type of work understand their job and labor costs.

Key Benefits


Capture new and lost revenue opportunities


Automate price list/price book updates


Generate accurate billing and invoices


Improve estimates or quotes for future work


Report KPIs such as estimated vs actual job cost


Seamlessly integrate ERP, billing systems and tools

Key Features


Automatically Generate Invoices

Done with the job? Now it’s time to get paid.

With Field Squared, you can realize revenue faster by automatically generating accurate invoices immediately following a completed job. This includes accounting for labor and job costs based on your price list/price book or by creating one in Field Squared.

Combined with Field Squared Inventory Management, you can easily include costs for inventory consumed, such as parts and equipment, in invoices.

Don’t wait, automate.


Improve Job Estimates and Quoting

Without the right data, determining whether your job estimates are accurate can be a nightmare. Field Squared helps you improve job estimates and quoting by providing the right information at the right time.

  • Understand differences in time to complete varying work order types so you can adjust labor and job rates
  • Capture lost revenue on future work through more accurate estimates
  • Enable mobile field workers with accurate materials pricing when quoting jobs in the field
  • Easily compare estimated vs actual work order costs

Field Workforce Management & Mobility 

Watch this short product video (it’s only about 1-minute!) to see inside Field Squared’s field workforce management and mobility software.


Easily Maintain Updated Price Lists/Price Books

Do you have labor and job costing price books? Field Squared empowers operations managers to manage price lists/books effortlessly.

  • Account for differing customer job rates based on SLAs, entitlements, and contacts
  • Effectively attribute technician skill tags into rate calculations
  • Include direct labor costs, indirect labor costs and asset maintenance rates, and part costs in price books
  • Update price books to reflect time, labor, or materials based on work order history

Create an automated workflow to evaluate labor costs on a regularly scheduled basis, such as monthly or quarterly, so you never have to lose out on revenue or question if rates are correct.


Gain Insights on KPIs to Improve Field or Asset Operations

Do certain types of work take longer than expected to complete? Are some assets utilizing more resources or skilled labor to maintain?

Get answers to key questions to help improve field service and asset maintenance jobs with robust reporting in Field Squared.


Seamlessly Integrate ERP, Billing Systems, and Tools

We get it. The average field service business juggles multiple disparate tools, systems, and software. Leverage the investments you’ve already made in third-party software, systems, and tools. With Field Squared, you can seamlessly integrate with the tools you use every day, including QuickBooks, Paycom, and ERP. We help you automate updates across your third-party systems, eliminating double data entry and reducing inaccuracies across billing and invoicing. Field Squared enables you to see everything in a single pane of glass.

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