Know where your field workforce assets are and what condition they are in?

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Attaining Enterprise Asset Transparency for your Field Service Workforce

As field workforces are now faced with compressed timelines and pressure to increase productivity, they are required to do much more with the same resources. With highly complex field assets, there’s more need to understand critical information such as asset location, delivery, maintenance, and quantity. Typically, this type of asset management is accomplished through field form submissions and spreadsheet management, which is too simple of a solution for a complex process.

Workflow Automation Transforms Field Operations

To provide full asset transparency, a digital transformation must occur in order to incorporate automation into your workflow, which will give you real-time asset analytics to help you make better field business decisions. Complex workflows require connected resources that facilitate optimal asset usage, location, allocation, maintenance, and reporting.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Requires Complex Form Automation

Are you still manually collecting form submissions from your field team to track field assets? Those days are over. A robust Field Service Management software platform will automate asset management workflows and facilitate better field workforce decisions which save time and drives cost down.

To optimize your field service teams and workflows properly, you need to have software that collects, analyzes, and delivers powerful performance management reports on a regular cadence or on demand. With an end-to-end Field Service Management software solution like Field Squared’s Platform, you have this power at your fingertips so you can:

  • Modernize your field team workflow
  • Improve Field Team performance
  • Preserve field asset life
  • Adapt to complex field work orders
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention

From the overwhelming benefits, it is very clear that Enterprise Asset Management can transform your field service operations. From taking a more prescriptive and proactive approach to asset maintenance, reducing maintenance backlog and in general improving your health and safety practices, EAM provides a transformative way to engage and manage your field workforce assets. Field Squared offers a Field Service Management platform that is truly an end-to-end solution that is flexible, scalable, and purpose-built to optimize efficiency of your field service workforce. Here’s a sample of some of the powerful functionality:

  • Schedule Recurring Preventative Maintenance Work Orders
  • Capture Before and After Photos, Barcodes, Signatures
  • Offline Availability So You Can Locate and Manage Field Asset Data in Remote Locations
  • Real-Time Field Service Collaboration and Messaging

If you are currently using Excel or find yourself spending a lot of time managing a spreadsheet and not enough time managing your mobile assets, then you need to look into Field Service Management Software. Contact us today to find out how Field Squared really helps move companies forward, do more with less, reduce costs and realize revenue faster.

Watch the 60-second demo video to see inside Field Squared’s field service automation software.