Deploy a mobile solution for your field crews in record time

It’s no secret that custom built mobile apps are difficult to build and deploy. But most utilities and oil & gas operations can’t make do with off-the-shelf apps. With the Field Squared platform, you can be up and running in the field with a custom mobile app built within our easy-to-use platform in record time without the headache of managing a software project.

Integrated Mobility Apps. Delivered In Days.

  • Run your field operations in the cloud in record time
  • Build integrations with back end systems in under a week
  • Deploy on iPad, iPhone, Android Tablets & Phones, Windows 7/8 Laptops and SurfacePro 3 tablets
  • All your data is sandboxed – no data is sharable
  • Utilize the full capabilities of your field devices including GPS, cameras, bluetooth, etc.

Form Examples:

Sample 1  –  Sample 2

Simple to Deploy

  • Field-users just install our easy-to-use apps
  • Our HTML5 Web App is designed for back-office dispatching, routing and analysis
  • Easy-to-use field apps for complex data capture
  • Mobile Apps work offline with automatic sync
  • Version control and conflict resolution is built right in
  • All changes in the field are historically tracked


  • Ultra-configurable and customizable
  • Create unique mobile solutions in minutes in App Builder
  • App customizations are pushed to the field in real-time
  • No database upgrades ever again
  • Quickly deploy mobile as part of your IT strategy
  • Create your own mix of work orders, scheduling, documentation, asset & customer management

Field Squared’s App Builder

Security & Backup

  • Your data is AES encrypted and transported over SSL-2048
  • Connect to existing systems over L2TP, PPP or SSTP
  • Your data can be exported via SFTP on a regular schedule
  • Our high capacity servers are triply redundant with offsite backup
  • High availability with auto-scaling of the environment

Have Us Configure Your Trial For You

  • Send us your existing paper-based forms & processes you want to automate.
  • Give us 1-2 days to build your mobile app.
  • Download our cloud-based app for iOS and Android on the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore.
  • Hit the road. It′s as easy as 1-2-3.

A Consultative Approach

At Field Squared, we know we’re not an off-the-shelf product. If you’ve spent a few years creating custom paper based processes for running your business and you want to take that process mobile, chances are good we’re a great fit though. We’re ideal for companies 10 or more field crews, right up to 100’s of teams.

Our business model is set up to provide a custom experience for all our customers with a super fast turnaround.

It requires a bit of extra work on our part on the front end and a highly advanced technology platform backing it up, but we know it pays off for our customers in the long run.