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Increase efficiency, improve the customer experience and enhance employee engagement.

Today’s field service organizations find they need solutions to provide their field service workforce with the technology they need to move faster and be more effective. It’s not just a matter of real-time scheduling or eliminating paper work order forms. It’s also about improving the customer service experience your field workforce provides. Today, how do your field workers collaborate–across teams and with operations managers?

The Field Squared Field Service Mobile Application for your field workforce is a comprehensive field service management solution that enables field workforce operational efficiency and features to help improve the customer service experience. With immediate access to a customer’s entire service work order history, online and offline availability, asset management and visibility, and real-time notifications, your field workforce has it all right at their fingertips in the field. Embedded real-time collaboration solutions empower your field workers to get feedback, troubleshoot faster and increase first time fix rate. No need to juggle multiple apps, Field Squared provides everything all in one intuitive mobile app.

When you connect the field to the office, customers and across third-party/back-office systems, Field Squared helps you increase operational efficiency, improve the customer experience and enhance employee engagement.

Mobile Workforce Software Key Benefits & Features

Mobile, Offline Sync and Merge Engine IconOnline and offline, ensuring no loss of important field informationNotifications IconReal-time status updates to provide a better customer experience with via text, email or phone call
Field Data Capture Smart Form IconMobile forms to capture signatures, photos and scan barcodesAsset Management IconManage assets and transfer inventory at a moments notice

Real-Time Status Notifications

Easily gain control of late arrival and rescheduling situations by sending real-time updates to customers right from the field via the Field Squared mobile application.

  • Notify the customer in real-time of a field workers arrival status
  • Easily view customer details on a map
  • On-site arrival/departure times for field workers are automatically recorded

Learn more about Customer Service Experience Management & Notifications

Leverage Mobile Forms for Work Orders

Field Squared Mobile Smart Forms help field workers increase service work order efficiency. Many of our customers pre-populate forms with 70% (or more) of a customer’s prior work order history, asset data and any other related information. Your field workforce can access and capture field data using work order Smart Forms via the Field Squared Field Service Mobile Application right from their device. In real-time, data is available from the field to the corporate office, ensuring everyone has the same information at all times.

  • Reduce callbacks by taking up to the minute job details to the field
  • Access to all the previous paperwork for every customer at your fingertips – no more sifting through paperwork
  • Quickly capture photos and markup and automatically attach it to the work order
  • Create and access work order forms right in the field
  • Easily generate custom shapes using a symbol library or create leader lines with distances and angles

Learn more about our Field Data Capture and Collection capabilities

Online and Offline Availability

Your field workforce is used to working in some of the remote places on Earth where cellular or WiFi connectivity is non-existent. With Field Squared’s proprietary Mobile, Offline Sync and Merge Engine, our Field Service Mobile Application works online and offline – so even if the cellular or WiFi network is unavailable, your field workforce can keep working and we’ll sync everything when connectivity is restored.

All data and location information is automatically synced, ensuring no loss of important field information.

Know Your Work Order Schedule for the Day

The nature of field service work is inherently busy, typically driving from one customer site to another. Your field workforce wants to know their work schedule for the day, week or month to help them do their job more effectively. The Field Squared Field Service Mobile Application provides the schedule right in their device.

  • View the scheduled list of work orders or prioritized back-log or a combination of both, right in the field
  • Ensure your field workforce teams are on the same page with a calendar view of team schedules
  • Know where you’re going with turn-by-turn directions

Learn more about our Scheduling, Dispatching and Route Optimization capabilities

View, Create and Manage Assets Right in the Field

Nearly every field service organization in any industry has assets to maintain—customer- or internally-owned. And understanding the health of equipment or sites is imperative.

Field Squared’s Field Service Mobile App enables field workers to view, create and manage assets from their mobile device right in the field. With real-time information and attached asset documentation at their finger tips, Field Squared can be leveraged as a decision-making tool, empowering field workers to make repairs on the first visit.

  • See all assets and related information by hierarchy as well as view them on the Map
  • Bring up the nearest assets on the Map view
  • Display work order history and related work order Smart Forms for any given asset
  • Diagnose repair issues with trending charts such as temperature and pressure data
  • Integrate and orchestrate updates across back-office GIS systems, including Esri ArcGIS

Learn more about our Asset Management & Visibility capabilities

Connect Your Back-Office to the Field

With so many disparate back-office systems, from customer relationship management solutions (CRM), geographic information systems (GIS), and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), your field workforce may have to make multiple updates across three different tools. The Field Squared Field Service Mobile Application is extensible via integrating with practically any back-office system for a unified solution.

  • View the scheduled list of work orders or prioritized back-log or a combination of both, right in the field
  • Seamlessly syncs any field data your field workforce captures across your back-end systems
  • Effortlessly pull lookup values and catalogues from third-party systems right in the field
  • Bi-directional syncing of work order, customer, asset and document data

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