Field Squared is a fully integrated planning, scheduling, routing, tracking, data capture, reporting and integration platform in one. We’re not just a tool, we’re a solution

Field Squared’s mobile-first design is super easy to use on any iOS or Android device in the field. It also works on any Windows/Mac back in your central office.

Unlike older systems, it’s designed to run your whole operation from a tablet or smart phone. Find out how Field Squared can help solve your business problems.

Advanced Data Collection

Switching from paper to a mobile solution doesn’t mean you need to throw away your process and work the way some app tells you to work.

Field Squared can capture anything you need in the field, copy any paper-based process, and it provides powerful new data capture features for your business to take advantage of. See our Paperwork Automation Features

Scheduling, Routing & Dispatch

Schedule large lists of jobs like a general.

With Field Squared, you get sophisticated job management, route optimization and scheduling in an easy to use drag & drop web platform. Find out more

Team Location Tracking

Know where your team is right, don’t guess.

Field Squared helps manage outages and emergency jobs, and provides key metrics about how your team is working in the field. We provide mileage reports, time-on site, on-site arrival data and more. Explore Our Location Tracking Features

Address Verification & Geocoding

Avoid wasted trips and calls to dispatch to get directions.

Field Squared’s address verification tools and driving directions get your team to the job site on time. See How

Mobile Workforce Management

Manage the progress of complex multi-day jobs in a designed-for-mobile platform.

Field Squared seamlessly tracks job status, teams, assets and forms, giving you unprecedented visibility into operations and team safety. Explore Further

Integrations with Most Back-Office Systems

Field Squared was built from the ground up to be integrated with other cloud apps and existing back-office databases.

You’ve spent years building your IT infrastructure.  We want you to “Add Mobile” to what you’re doing today. Find Out How

Ultra configurable & Big Data style reporting

Everything on the screen in Field Squared is customizable to match the terminology used in your industry.  This minimizes the amount of new jargon your team has to learn while moving from paper to an app. Features can be turned on and off so that things that don’t make sense for your type of business don’t have to be used

Field Squared also includes a powerful map-reduce query engine that provides big-data style analytics from field data and team movements. Just about any report you can think of can be added to your company’s Field Squared system.

We offer fast and free system rollouts, no hidden costs, and a simple, per seat pricing model with all integrations built in. Schedule a demo or contact us to find out how easy it is  to get started with Field Squared.

Wondering how to get started with Field Squared?