Securing your data

Field Squared utilizes military grade AES-256 encryption on mobile devices to secure data for offline use. If someone steals your iPad or Android Phone, there’s no way to get at the data. Offline data is remote wiped whenever users interact with the server and their account is disabled or invalid.

Our clients and servers communicate with one another using 2048-bit SSL, the same technology used by banks to secure your data.  Our servers aren’t vulnerable to any of the OpenSSL bugs you’ve heard about lately.

Keeping you running – all day and all night

  • Your data is stored in a virtual private cloud on Amazon AWS.
  • All data is replicated over multiple redundant clustered database servers – we can survive multiple power and network outages and remain operational.
  • We use the same data center as Netflix.
  • The production servers are triply redundant in three availability zones for maximum fail-over protection from network or power outages.
  • Our servers will automatically scale and add more capacity whenever they’re placed under load.
  • We have secure offsite backups in other states.
  • There’s no public access to our databases, and we don’t permit customers to directly access our databases – all access needs to go through our public API and firewalls. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  • We never hold your data hostage.
  • Administrators can export your data to other systems at any time using our Secure-FTP export tools to setup one-off or scheduled data drops.
  • We work online and offline – so even if your cell network is down, you can keep working and we’ll sync when you come back online.

Field Squared takes your data and your privacy seriously. Check out our Privacy Policy for more details.

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