Are Mobile ERP Solutions a Game Changer for Oil & Gas Services?

mobile oil and gas erp solutions
How Mobility Can Be a Game Changer for the Oil and Gas Industry. I read a nice article today at Oil + Gas Monitor written by Booz Allen Hamilton that’s worth sharing with the rest of the field service community.

To quote from the must-read article, “Not too long ago, the oil and gas industry learned that ERP solutions and business intelligence tools were considered the real game changers.  And while a few in the industry are only now catching up in adopting these ERP solutions to squeeze higher margins from well-managed information, the next wave is here—and it is about mobility. 

For oil and gas, the value proposition for mobility as a game changer is clear: higher production enabled through “information-at-the-finger-tips.” Valero Energy’s annual savings of $120M through dashboards on a mobile platform stand as a powerful illustration of this value proposition. Leaders in the industry will soon have on-demand information to make operational decisions on production, maintenance, safety and incident management, vendor and resource management, asset management, and customer delivery.”

The Profound Impact of Real-Time Insights

Real-time communication is essential today for an oil and gas company to succeed. Whether managing team members or facilitating communication between employees, organizations cannot depend on accessing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems from a single computer anymore. Conducting key business processes can be much easier with a mobile ERP solution.

These businesses simply cannot store data in a single place—they need to be able to access data on the move, something mobile ERP solutions offer. Mobile apps not only help employees access data more efficiently, but they also increase the quality of communication.

What is the Gold Standard for Oil and Gas Mobile Solutions?

We are bias, but for good reason. Field Squared O&G Mobile Solutions, Accounting and ERP System Integration allows you to quickly and easily mobilize your field service, fixed assets and inventory management processes with Field Squared mobile solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Mobile data collection solutions improve visibility into inventory and production, fixed asset utilization, field service, safety and compliance for oil and gas companies, as we’ve seen time and again with our very own customers. The best part? You gain critical information about remote operations with mobile devices deployed in the field, empowering your workers to drive productivity onsite and resolve issues.

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