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Field Service Scheduling, Dispatching & Route Optimization

Ensure the Right Field Worker to the Right Place at the Right Time

Every day field service organizations grapple with putting their field workforce through last minute schedule changes, elevated drive time and inefficient routes. Field service organization can’t afford to waste time or resources. Today, increasing operational efficiency and improving the customer experience are the end goals, with technology as a means to get there. Knowing where to make changes in an effort to level up effectiveness can be a challenge.

Take control of your scheduling and dispatching with the all-in-one Field Squared Field Service Automation Platform. Field Squared empowers operations managers or dispatchers with innovative solutions, including GPS-based field workforce tracking, automated scheduling and route optimization tools at your fingertips.

Key Benefits & Features

Drag Drop Scheduling Icon Centralized scheduling and dispatching with route optimization solutions Field Workforce Location Tracking Icon Track the progress of your field workforce and work orders in real-time
Field Service Integrations Icon Seamlessly integrate third-party systems, extending availability to the field Field Analytics Icon Measure your field workforce optimization efforts with powerful analytics, reporting and business intelligence

Easy Drag & Drop Scheduling Software

With Field Squared, you can leverage our easy to use drag-and-drop scheduling interface to quickly schedule work orders, optimize routes and dispatch the right field crew.

  • Easily schedule, route and dispatch work orders in our drag-and-drop scheduling interface
  • Get real-time feedback on the status of work orders
  • Manage unscheduled work orders with advanced filtering
  • Quickly auto-schedule multiple jobs
  • Match the right technician to work order by job types tagged with the appropriate skills
  • Find the nearest crew for emergency work order dispatching

Field Service Route Optimization Software

Rising fuel prices and increasing pressure to decrease windshield time puts the onus on field service organizations to increase operational efficiency. Field Squared helps you save time and fuel efficiency with our proprietary scheduling and route optimization software solution.

  • Optimize field service routes in real-time
  • Minimize windshield time through optimized route planning
  • Schedule, track and create work orders, assets and contacts/customers based on location
  • Significantly decrease wasted mileage and idle time
  • Drastically reduce fuel costs by optimizing routes

Dispatch Software to Schedule Field Service Work at a Moment’s Notice

As field service work requests come in, you need the right solutions to quickly dispatch your field workers and technicians to backlog or unscheduled jobs. With Field Squared’s service dispatch software, you can easily dispatch crews to service calls at a moment’s notice.

  • Rest assured you dispatched the right technician, with the right skills and certifications, through the use of skill tags.
  • Dispatch the nearest or next available field worker, reducing drive time and increasing productivity.
  • The dispatched job shows up on the schedule in the Field Squared Mobile Application, so your crews always know what to work on next.


Field Workforce Management & Mobility

Watch this short product video (it’s only about 1-minute!) to see inside Field Squared’s field workforce management and mobility software.
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field workforce management and mobility product video

Track Progress of Your Field Workforce in Real-Time

Do you know where your field workers are? With built-in real-time GPS location tracking of your field workforce, you know where your workers are and what work order they’re on at all times.

  • View the full route history for every crew, work order / job and asset
  • Send the right team to the right address with built-in address verification and geocoding
  • See proposed routes on the Map
  • Get turn-by-turn driving directions to any location right in the Field Squared Mobile Application

Learn more about field workforce team location tracking

Seamlessly Schedule Work Orders Across Your Back-Office Systems

Field Squared seamlessly integrates with your multiple, disparate back-office systems. Create and schedule work orders in back-office systems or in Field Squared.

  • Present the best customer experience by sending up-to-the-minute status notifications
  • Create work orders right within Field Squared or from any third-party system
  • Flexibly integrate with practically any back-office system such as geographic information systems (GIS), CRMs, support ticketing solutions, Quickbooks, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, and many more

Learn more about Field Squared Integrations

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