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Enterprise Asset Management & Automation

Enriched by GIS to Manage, Maintain and Monitor Your Internal and Customer Assets in the Field

For most asset-intensive industries and field service organizations, enterprise asset management (EAM), is a full-time job. It gets even more complicated when trying to GIS locate, keep track of and maintain a highly detailed asset registry—property, plant, equipment, sites, fleet, inventory, etc.—and related information. At any given time, a part could fail, an asset disappears, or preventative maintenance is required, calling on your mobile field workforce to know when and where to respond. Whether the assets are internal or your customers’, with all that requiring delicate coordination, how do you manage it all?

Field Squared was built to help automate enterprise asset management, enriched by our embedded geospatial information system (GIS) engine. With Field Squared enterprise asset management, you can conduct preventative asset maintenance, leverage a native hierarchical asset registry or integrate your Esri ArcGIS® asset database and ERP systems, create and schedule work orders, plan resource allocation through skills matching, and view asset location history. Essentially, anything that can exist in the real world can be modeled as an asset in Field Squared with key attributes, data and information captured against it.

Key Benefits & Features

Asset Registry Icon Leverage a built-in hierarchical asset registry for effective maintenance and traceability of assets Field Service Integrations Icon Zero effort integrations with back-office systems, including Esri, ERP and analytics tools for operations management oversight
Asset Work Order Icon Conduct effective resource planning through skills matching Asset Work Order Icon Create work orders and schedule recurring preventative maintenance tasks
Location Tracking Icon Track the current geospatial location of assets as well as the historical location over time Photo Mark Up Icon Capture before/after photos of assets and use markup tools to make annotations


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Field Squared + Esri

Do you use Esri ArcGIS® for your enterprise asset management and maintenance?
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Effectively Maintain, Service and Trace Assets

With a flexible hierarchical asset registry, Field Squared provides an effective way to maintain, service and trace any type of asset (i.e., mobile, fixed) in a single platform. Managing assets from plant, equipment and property to entire fleets—from the office to the field—has never been easier than with Field Squared enterprise asset management.

  • Display and view all your field assets on the Map
  • Create and manage parent-child relationships between assets for contextual insight
  • Quickly display asset details via barcode or QR code scan
  • Filter on nearby assets in the Field Squared mobile application
  • Store the location of fixed assets
  • Track mobile asset location history over time
  • Easily define assets with native GIS capabilities

Field Squared supports nodal, linear and polygonal geometry types for assets

Improve the Accuracy of Your Assets and ArcGIS Data

Using the Field Squared Mobile Application, field technicians are empowered with the asset maintenance and management tools they need to get the job done.

  • Visualize assets on the native map or leverage a zero-effort integration to your existing Esri base maps and overlays
  • Redline asset updates right in the field, including ArcGIS features with text, nodal and linear updates—online or offline
  • Create automated approval workflows for asset updates before they are synced back to the ArcGIS database

What is Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)?

Enterprise asset management (EAM) is the process of administering and maintaining an asset through its operational lifecycle, from labor/job costing to preventative maintenance, by service providers or via the application of software and other solutions. EAM applies to assets such as equipment, plants, fleets and well sites, as well as across fixed, mobile or linear assets.

Enterprise asset management and maintenance software provides businesses with digital solutions to more effectively manage and maintain internal or customer owned assets. EAM software helps businesses improve asset uptime, more effectively preserve operational integrity, mitigate risk through proactive action, track the geolocation of assets, enable technicians with a mobile application, and provide solutions to better adhere to safety protocols, such as lockout-tagout. Many businesses can also realize significant cost savings by identifying service maintenance before a critical equipment failure, for instance.

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) to solve asset management and maintenance challenges is the future of enterprise asset management, though many businesses are already leveraging AI today. Like any problem, data can provide a wealth of information ready to be parsed for opportunities, cautionary developments and other insights. Artificial intelligence derived data goes a step further to provide outcome-based analysis and increasingly more accurate time-to-failure statistics.

When it comes to conducting asset management, there are different types of asset maintenance that may be performed, which also require different capabilities of the EAM software.

Preventative (preventive) maintenance is proactive management of an asset to ensure it is running properly. For this type of work, a recurring maintenance schedule is usually employed. The work order history becomes a critical component of the EAM software, because it provides the technician with any and all documentation related to what has transpired in servicing the asset.

Condition-based maintenance stems from the state of the asset itself. Asset management software provides the ability to automate alerts based on a change in condition that is, for instance, out of acceptable range, such as pressure, NOX, O2 or temperature.

Predictive maintenance is the ability to forecast if and when an asset may fail or require maintenance. This type of asset maintenance usually employs asset-based sensors to monitor the asset for anomalous changes in the state of the asset. Asset management software can be useful for alerting management to equipment failures, while also being applied to help forecast capital planning.

Prescriptive maintenance is the process of analyzing an assets previous repair, operating or reliability history to prescribe to the technician the correct approach to take in order to maintain an asset more effectively. The goal is to maximize the uptime and operational reliability of the asset.

The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices facilitate remote asset monitoring. EAM software affords the opportunity to capture sensor data in order to trigger automated notifications and alerts.

Key enterprise asset management software capabilities include: hierarchical asset registry, real-time asset tracking, scheduling work and planning resources, conduct different types of maintenance (i.e., conditional, preventative/preventive, predictive, prescriptive), inventory management, labor/job costing, and IoT solutions for remote asset monitoring.

Schedule Recurring Preventative Maintenance Work Orders

The nature of enterprise asset management requires managing, planning and scheduling operations work. Field Squared enables work order creation and scheduling of preventative maintenance against your assets.

  • Quickly schedule recurring maintenance tasks against assets
  • Assign work orders by skills, proximity, availability, and training or certification requirements for effective resource planning
  • Generate digital work order forms in a drag-and-drop editor
  • Enable automated workflows to schedule recurring time- or meter-based preventative maintenance work orders
  • Access work order service and maintenance history on any asset
  • Assign emergency work orders by nearest available technician

Capture Before and After Photos, Barcodes, Signatures and More

Enterprise asset management, service and maintenance requires mobile workforce management tools that work inside the same framework. Don’t make your crews juggle multiple apps. Empower your field crews, technicians and operators with an intuitive mobile application to capture field data and updates against assets.

  • Provide digital work order forms right in the field to scan barcodes, take photos, add markup, annotations and more
  • Capture and visualize time series data against assets (i.e., temperature, pressure readings)
  • Connect your existing third-party systems to lookup values and catalogues across assets and work orders
  • Trigger automated workflows, including the creation of work orders with third-party systems

Offline Availability So You Can Locate and Manage Field Asset Data in Remote Locations

We understand asset and field service work may occur in some of the most remote places on Earth where connectivity can be a challenge and loss of data is common. The proprietary Field Squared Mobile, Sync and Merge Engine works online and offline, so even if your cellular or WiFi network is down, your mobile field workforce can keep working and everything will sync when connectivity is restored.

  • Attribute level merge of offline changes
  • Display and view all your field assets on an interactive map, on both the Field Squared web and mobile applications
  • All changes are GPS and time stamped for accurate auditing and record keeping
  • Asset data is version controlled and history tracked

Real-Time Field Service Collaboration and Messaging

With real-time in-app field service collaboration and messaging, you can increase efficiency and be proactive at managing your assets.

  • Gauge asset performance, with reporting and analytics
  • Text message customers with planned outage notifications and progress updates
  • Access a conversation history against assets
  • Message links to work orders, assets, customer records and digital forms


Field Workforce Management & Mobility

Watch this short product video (it’s only about 1-minute!) to see inside Field Squared’s field workforce management and mobility software.
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As leading field service management software provider, and one that understands the importance of geospatial asset management, Field Squared was a natural choice to partner with on this effort. Integrating ArcGIS and making the information available in the platform and mobile application directly in the field, is exciting for both Esri customers and Field Squared customers.

Matt Piper, Global Director Industry Solutions, and Industry Manager Electric and Gas at Esri

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