Oil & Gas Software for Your Field Crews

Keep the Hydrocarbons Flowing

Improved Asset Uptime & Utilization

  • Access engineering, asset and documentation data from the field
  • Create maintenance notification from the field in seconds
  • Connect engineering with business operations
  • Reduce Time-To-Repair with instant work order sharing
  • More effective emergency dispatch gets oil and gas flowing again faster

Rapidly Deploy Oilfield Data Capture Software

  • Automate common paper processes in oil & gas downstream operations
  • Push oilfield data back to SAP, HR, PODS, AM, GIS, ERP and other back-end systems
  • Automate production data collection: notifications, inspection, production sheets, level & pressure readings
  • Field Squared’s oilfield mobility solution helps automate compliance testing, pipeline inspections, drilling, treatment, permitting, frack data collection, well testing and timesheets
  • Check out the Offcom News article, Digital Oilfield Embraces the iPad, for the pros and cons of deploying a mobile solution. To read the entire online magazine article, click here.

Plan & Track Projects and Oilfield Assets

  • Track long and short duration projects
  • Multi-year pipeline inspection programs
  • Work order management for oil & gas operations
  • Easy to use oilfield asset management software
  • Asset inspections, maintenance history and performance data capture
  • Real-time visibility of your sub-contractor supply chain (Mobile ERP Solutions and more)

Oil & Gas Safety and Compliance Software

  • Provide job-appropriate safety checklists to crews
  • Scheduling and Planning tools get the right team to the job at the right time
  • Real-time visibility of crew locations
  • Plan, Manage and Track all field crews and work types
  • Improve compliance with regulations and policies