What’s New in Field Squared: Web App – Version 2.9

What’s New in Field Squared? Learn all about our recent enhancements below

The 2.9 version of the Field Squared Web App has been released. There have been many new features and improvements to the Web App which include new server and map features as well as various other fixes and improvements.

Major New Features

  • You can now set custom fields and document controls as mandatory.
  • The report builder now has support for adding charts.
  • You can now re-order catalog item in the app builder.
  • Comparing dates and times in the report builder and workflows is now possible.
  • You can now build workflows which can add and subtract dates. Example: Schedule a task 2 days after the previous task was completed.
  • Error and integration logs can now be viewed by customers.

Server Improvements

  • Box.com timeout problems have been addressed.
  • Now, only Subscription Administrators can delete user accounts.
  • Improvements to PDF emails.
  • Improvements to the handling of lat/lon error messages.
  • Document templates can now be edited by multiple users at the same time.
  • New attribute/field level conflict detection and merging for Documents, Assets, and Contacts when multiple users are editing objects while offline.

Improvements To Maps

  • You can now create tasks and assets directly on the map.
  • Updates to all jobs grid on the map for interactive map-based scheduling.
  • New tooltips for map tracks when hovering over tracks.
  • Color code tasks by priority.
  • Color code tasks by status codes.
  • Filter map views of assets by max visibility setting.
  • Show task event log entries on the map filtered by task duration.
  • Map legend improvements.
  • Saved route visual display improvements and fixes for dates and times displaying correctly for planned stops.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Improvements to backlog sorting for custom fields.
  • Catalog control improvements.
  • Flow Catalog controls will not auto-populate with defaults like normal Catalog controls.
  • Auto-schedule fixes and improvements to address issues reported by several customers.
  • You can now reset relationships for all child assets when a mid-level asset is re-parented.
  • Schedule cards now show address, city, state, and zip. Plus, the interface has been improved.
  • Schedule view now shows unassigned but scheduled tasks.
  • Event log editing on the web app no longer removes rows.
  • Disabled If now disables document elements.
  • Added barcode support for flow style documents.
  • Various other user interface fixes and improvements

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