Asset Management Visibility

  • Capture complex operational data for Asset Management
  • Two-way sync your asset data from the back-office
  • Add any type of Smart Document to an asset
  • Create asset records in the field

Track the GPS location of assets over time and find the current location of an asset.

Capture asset photos and mark them up, or create site drawings of assets.

Barcode scan fixed or mobile assets for quick data access.

Manage Work Orders, Tasks, Maintenance Schedule & History against assets.

Map and Manage Data in Remote Locations

  • Display field assets on maps
  • Manage parent-child relationships between assets
  • Online and Offline use in remote locations
  • All changes are GPS & time tagged
  • Asset data is version controlled and history tracked

For Oil & Gas

Well-head pressure reading and production sheets, fixed &and mobile equipment locations, asset and equipment hierarchy, asset maintenance notifications, pipeline routes & inspection history, production graphs, safety inspections, historical uptime reports, tech site visits per asset… Read More.

For Utilities

Sub-station and transformer bank inspections, meter locations and reading jobs, smart meter installs, maintenance history, emergency asset restoration and repair, pole & trench audits, locates, tail-boarding, switching plans, conductor mapping… Read More

For Cable/Telco

Pole & trench audits, conduit management, sweep & balance, make-ready, maintenance event history, actives management, line level history, construction, fiber routing, permitting, right of way, splice recording, circuit history.