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Automate, Provision and Manage Your City- or State-Level Field Service Operations

Managing field service operations for municipalities, public and city works or state-government, means you’re busy juggling a multitude of things happening at any given time. With each site inspection, equipment repair or safety and compliance issue, a new challenge may arise in the field every day. How do you manage your field technicians and how do you enable them to be effective while being mobile?

The Field Squared field resource software is configurable across your entire end-to-end field service processes and workflows. Field Squared provides your operations manager with the field service solutions they need to effectively manage highly distributed, mobile teams and contractors. From scheduling, work order management and Smart Forms to enterprise asset management and embedded decision-making support capabilities, your municipality, public works department or state government can achieve operational efficiency gains and help you comply with state safety regulations, all in Field Squared’s unified field service management platform.

Key Benefits & Features

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Realize Efficiency Gains Across Your Field Service Processes

  • Automate processes and workflows for your municipal public works or state government field-based programs
  • Effectively manage your field workforce with scheduling, dispatch and route optimization
  • Digitize and optimize infrastructure repair with real-time work order management
  • More effectively respond to work orders leveraging an easy to use field service mobile application for your field workforce

Increase Compliance and Safety Adherence in the Field

  • Provide job-appropriate safety (JSAs) checklists to your field technicians
  • Ensure your technicians remain compliant by embedding state government language or documents
  • Gain real-time visibility of your sub-contractor supply chain, ERP solutions and more via integrations

Be Confident with Security and Built-In Role-Based Permissions

We take your security seriously and built the Field Squared Platform with security in mind from the ground up.

With role-based security options at multiple levels, including at the individual and business unit, Field Squared provides granular security and permission options to meet the stringent security needs across government entities–-state and federal.

Key Security Features & Functionality:

  • Military grade AES-256 encryption
  • Clients and servers communicate using 2048-bit SSL, the same technology used by banks to secure your data
  • Granular role-based security and permission settings at both the user and team levels
  • Runs within Amazon Web Services (AWS) over multiple redundant clustered database servers
  • Online and offline capable – Even if your cellular or WiFi network is down, you can keep working and we’ll sync all information when you come back online

Learn more about the security of the Field Squared Platform.

Download the Municipalities, Public & City Works and Government Datasheet

Learn more about Field Squared’s field service management software for municipalities, public & city works and government organizations.

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field squared municipalities and government datasheet

Embed Decision-Making Solutions

Enable your field workforce to make informed decisions right in the field.

With context-sensitive operating procedures and embedded steps to mitigate outages, your field technicians can get the job done right the first time. Work order Smart Form features increase efficiency and reduce manual data entry, including:

  • Built-in logic and rules
  • Pre-populate fields across the same or similar forms
  • Automate calculations, range validations and measurements
  • Attach equipment repair and other step-by-step documentation

Access Photo, Markup & Site Sketch Field Data Capture Solutions

  • Easily include photos, site sketches and images with work order forms
  • Quickly scan barcodes and QR codes right on the work order form
  • Leverage markup, annotations and text on photos and images
  • Generate custom shapes and leader lines with distances and angles

Learn more about Field Data Capture via Digital Smart Forms.

Optimize Operations, Assets & Capital

  • Provision sustainable services to citizens and keep infrastructure safe and operational
  • Leverage inspection, safety and assessment data for predictive maintenance
  • Utilize asset data to identify trends, averages, and outliers
  • Report across field technician performance

Learn more about Field Service Analytics, Reporting and Business Intelligence.

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