Mobile Field Service Software for Home Care and Home Healthcare Providers

Schedule care visits, leverage HIPAA compliant mobile forms and send real-time status updates in a single software platform

Keeping track of mobile healthcare or home care services workers, such as nurses, caregivers and technicians, is not an easy task. If you’re still using paper forms and spreadsheets to schedule visits, forget about efficiency or accuracy. In the heavily regulated industry of healthcare, organizations must ensure HIPAA compliance in every aspect of their health services operations. With a highly distributed mobile caregiver workforce, the challenge only increases. How can mobile home care and health care service providers go digital, while maintaining HIPAA compliance?

As the only HIPAA compliant field service software on the market, the Field Squared Field Service Automation Platform helps mobile healthcare and home care service providers remain HIPAA compliant while on the go. Field Squared provides operations managers a centralized view from which to schedule and dispatch nurses, caregivers, coordinators and technicians; manage patient work orders; create digital HIPAA compliant mobile healthcare forms; enable real-time patient notifications; leverage key data/business intelligence analytics to make decisions; and track medical equipment assets and inventory.

With Field Squared, you can focus on customer care while Field Squared takes care of the rest.

Key Benefits & Features

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HIPAA Compliant Mobile Healthcare Service Software Role-Based Access
Security & Permissions
Schedule and Dispatch Optimized Care Routes Mobile Forms with Digital Signature Capture Real-Time Patient Notifications and Messaging

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Schedule and Dispatch Optimized Routes for Healthcare or Home Care Workers

  • Automate scheduling/dispatching daily care routes for nurses and technicians with maps, GPS, and live updates
  • Quickly route emergency calls from a patient and dispatch the nearest or next available nurse
  • Create a care needed schedule with real-time automated appointment notifications to patients

Go Paperless with HIPAA Compliant Mobile Healthcare Forms

Replace your paper healthcare forms with digital HIPAA compliant mobile forms (i.e., medical release, consent, aide plans, patient visits, directives)

  • Collect secure healthcare data with e-signature capture
  • Employ skip-logic, business rules and dependencies
  • Create digital mobile consent forms for releasing medical records or health information
  • Pre-fill forms with patient data to save time on data entry in the field
  • Email completed forms to patients, staff and doctors
  • Integrate EMR and other health information systems

Download the Field Squared HIPAA Compliant Field Service Management Software Datasheet

Learn more about how Field Squared’s HIPAA compliant field service management and automation software meets the needs of healthcare providers, including home healthcare and hospice. Don’t forget to share it with a colleague.

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Improve Home Care Service with Real-Time Status Notifications

  • Notify customers in real-time via status updates, such as ETA, late arrival and rescheduling
  • Reduce patient care knowledge gaps through previous message and conversation history
  • Keep everyone on the same page with group messaging and collaboration
  • Notify mobile nurses of home alerts or special circumstances to better assist patients

Enable Your Field-Based Healthcare or Home Care Workforce with an Easy to Use Mobile App

Providing the right tools for your mobile healthcare workforce includes an easy to use mobile application. Using the Field Squared Mobile Application from the health worker’s mobile device, they can do everything they need to do right in the app, including:

  • Collect secure healthcare data with e-signature capture
  • Access clinical decision support documentation on patient visit work orders
  • See all patient visit history, including completed health forms
  • View their scheduled patient visits for the day/week/month
  • Visit patients in remote areas ensuring no loss of information, as Field Squared is online and offline capable
  • Transfer medical supplies inventory from the office supply room to their vehicle


“We evaluated other software providers. No competing solution could automate our onsite medical service delivery with the breadth and depth of capabilities as Field Squared. We’re growing and we’re excited that Field Squared will grow with us. With Field Squared, we’re future-proofed.”

Darren Sanders, CEO at Health Testing Solutions

Access Security and Built-In Role-Based Permissions

We take your security seriously and built the Field Squared Platform with security in mind from the ground up. We also went a step further to certify Field Squared is HIPAA compliant.

With role-based security options at multiple levels, Field Squared provides granular security and permission options to meet the stringent security needs of healthcare organizations.

  • HIPAA compliant
  • Military grade AES-256 encryption
  • Clients and servers communicate using 2048-bit SSL, the same technology used by banks to secure your data
  • Granular role-based security and permission settings at multiple levels (i.e., individual, team, business unit)

Leverage Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions with data analytics across your mobile healthcare service operations. Employing business intelligence allows you to:

  • Track and optimize field related spend to drive down costs
  • Recognize key opportunities for revenue growth
  • Integrate insurance invoicing systems in order to identify billing gaps to get paid faster

The Only HIPAA Compliant Field Service Software

At Field Squared, we take software security and the security of our customer’s data seriously. That’s why we went through the rigorous process of certifying Field Squared software to be HIPAA compliant. Field Squared is the only field service management platform that is HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA compliant field service management software

A Solution for Home Care and Home Health Care Service Providers


In the non-medical home care services space, field service management software is key to empowering mobile care professionals and enabling operations managers. Personal care professionals have varied responsibilities, from homemaking and companionship to assisting with mobility and other tasks, where automation can be a driver of accuracy as well as efficiency.

Field service management software enables caregivers with tools that allow the focus to remain on care, while supporting the documentation of visits.


Home health care service organizations are challenged to remain compliant with healthcare laws around data privacy, while conducting visits in a mobile capacity. All too often the default is to use “reliable” paper healthcare forms and antiquated processes.

Home health care providers that leverage HIPAA compliant field service management software ensure compliance at every step. They also reap all the benefits that accompany mobile healthcare software solutions to drive accuracy and efficiency.


Long-term care and skilled nursing providers require differentiated solutions to comply with stringent HIPAA requirements. The day-to-day activities of a mobile healthcare professional rely on solutions that reinforce efficiency, organization and the accuracy of patient documentation.

Field service management software is fundamental to the success of long-term care organizations today. Service software is critical to effectively manage service operations in a number of areas, such as scheduling and data management.


For occupational health and medicine service providers, being mobile is part of the job. Delivering onsite medical services for employers includes varied services, including physicals, drug screening, hearing tests as well as addressing other occupational health and safety concerns.

Mobile occupational service providers need field service management software to help maintain consistency across customer sites. The ability to manage everything all-in-one application streamlines operations, from the office to the field.

Field Squared HIPAA Field Service Manager Plans

Explore a breakdown of the Field Squared HIPAA Field Service Manager plans and all features and capabilities.

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