Product Release Notes

Release Notes 2.3.0 – 1 August 2015

– View assets in a tree
– Asset parent/child hierarchical relationships can now be captured.
– Link assets to tasks
– Scan to location check in an asset
– Search for assets by barcode scan
– Link tasks to assets
– Capture GPS current location for fixed assets
– Capture full GPS location history (including barcode scan tracking) for mobile assets
– Show a list of assets that are closest to me by GPS distance
– Record the owning customer/contact for assets
– Diff sync deltas only with the server for asset records
– Optimized for working with millions of asset records

– Sort backlog on the client by due date, name, priority
– Customizable task/job details screens based on job type
– Support for multi-day jobs
– Auto-sync jobs in the foreground and background
– Support for projects, sub-tasks and tasks with parent-child relationships
– Users are prompted for job type when creating a job in the app

– New Flow-Layout Smart Documents that support spreadsheet level functionality
– Combine photos, markup, signatures, time stamps etc. inside grid-layout documents
– Include branding and images inside forms
– Color code controls dynamically as you type using math and logical statements
– Greatly expanded min/max range validation support with full formula & math capability
– Improvements in how documents are displayed in the document list
– Improvements to speed up data capture with custom keyboards

– Lots of new controls to customize the Task, Contact and Asset modules
– Navigate screens directly by related task/asset/contact/user and back again
– Simplified settings UI with data visibility rules defined

– Auto-sync in the background and foreground of all your data every 5 min to 12 hrs
– Diff syncing is now supported for tasks, assets and customer records
– Fast data syncing and retrieval for large data sets

Release Notes 2.0.0 – 26 Feb 2015

– Asset Manager can handle large numbers of assets
– Asset read only mode
– Line assets rendered on map
– Asset colors and symbols rendered on map
– Backlog filtering
– New icon set for oil & gas and utilities
– Graphing capability for Oil & Gas and Utility details table data
– Clone previous row in complex data tables
– Scan barcode of asset to search
– Complex math functions on details tables
– Averages and Totals can be displayed for details tables
– Various other UI improvements and performance improvements

Web App
– Released new HTML5 Web App
– Works in all browsers including Google Chrome
– New Drag & Drop Interface
– App Builder available for customers to configure their own apps

Windows Laptop & Surface Pro
– Asset Management Module Added

Release Notes 1.9.5 – Jan 31 2015

– Asset Management Module available for sale
– New Oil & Gas icon set added
– New Utilities icon set added
– Averages/Totals in Details Tables for Oil Production Data Capture
– Show Assets on Map
– Offline Asset Management
– iOS Map Zoom Level Filtering
– Color code customers by attribute on the map

Windows Laptop & Surface Pro
– Upload Photos
– Offline Mode

Release Notes 1.9.0 – Jan 15 2015

– Custom Fields for Customer
– Pole Markup

Web App
– Flat File Asset Loader

Windows Laptop & Surface Pro
– View Documents
– Edit Documents

Release Notes 1.8.0 – Dec 31 2015

– Asset Class Designer released

Release Notes 1.7.0

iOS App (iphone/ipad)
– Improved offline sync capability in bad network areas
– Improved photo markup tools including symbol markup and custom distance scaling
– You can now see all jobs related to a customer account on the customer screen
– Detailed tabled withs data entry sub-panels for complex data entry for well gauge reports, time sheets and other high-density data capture
– Stability and bug fix improvements

Release Notes 1.6.1

iOS App (iphone/ipad)
– Improved offline syncing
– Blocked reason
– Symbols in Document Markup

– GPS Tracking improvements

– Improved Task List Performance, Filtering and Searching
– Support for divisions, teams of teams and corporate hierarchies
– Email pricing lists to customers

Release Notes 1.6.0

iOS App (iphone/ipad)
–    Improved offline syncing
–    Pricing list search
–    Enhanced document photo markup
–    Overall improved stability

Android (phone/tablet)
–    Search control
–    Customer detail view
–    Document controls: pricing lists
–    Minor bug fixes

Release Notes 1.5.0

Dispatch Web App
–    Search Custom Fields on Jobs
–    Configure Pricing Lists
–    Customize the Unscheduled Job Board
–    Job CSV Import
–    Find Closest Technician to a Job
–    Configure Visibility across Teams/Technicians
–    Drag and Drop Scheduling of Multiple Jobs
–    Job Multi Edit – Added Status, Type, Priority, Due Date, Unassign All Technicians/Teams, Unschedule
–    UI and Usability Improvements
–    Various Bug Fixes

–    SFTP Export
–    Salesforce – various bug fixes and improvements
–    Email notifications – various bug fixes and improvements

Release Notes 1.4.0

iOS App (iphone/ipad)
–    Teams are now supported
–    Multiple Technicians can be assigned to a Job
–    Capture Barcodes for Tasks and Documents on iPhone and iPad
–    Barcode Types supported: EAN 13, EAN 8, Code 39, Code 39 Mod 43, Code 128 and QR codes
–    iPhone version now fully functional for Job Management & Tracking
–    Archive Documents
–    New Schedules for Jobs default to 1 hr duration
–    multiple UI improvements and minor bug fixes

Dispatch Web App
–    Dispatch Map added with support for jobs, user locations, user tracks on previous days, route planning
–    Teams support
–    Multiple Technicians assignable to a Job
–    Job Board filtering
–    Job History now available
–    UI and usability improvements
–    Multi-select jobs and set the same schedule and user/team.

Release 1.3.5

iOS App (iphone/ipad)
–    Fix for keypads displaying the incorrect types
–    iOS now automatically handles version conflicts smoothly with history
–    Math control added to automatically perform calculations in documents
–    iPhone scheduling control now used on iPad as well
–    User account history now available on iPad
–    Significant speed increases of the iPad and iPhone versions
–    More bug fixes and stability improvements
–    Random runtime crashes reported in rare cases have been resolved

Dispatch App
–    General UI Refinement
–    Improvements to HTML rendering of documents
–    Assign a User using Drag and Drop
–    Enable Non-Admins to change their own password

Release 1.3.0

iOS App (iphone/ipad)
–    PDF task attachments support page forward/backward and loading messages
–    new controls for forms: Survey, Segment, Slider, Photo
–    the single photo control can use a default background so that users can markup floor plans and diagrams in the field
–    new customizable name definition for displaying documents in lists

Dispatch App
–    Support for new survey document control in HTML emails.

Release 1.2.0

iOS App (iphone/ipad)
–    Create, edit and schedule Jobs on the iPhone
–    Add Custom Fields to Job details
–    View PDFs attached to Jobs on iPhone and iPad
–    Integrations with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Drop Box, Email and SQL Server/Oracle back ends
–    New document control types for use by customers
–    Various bug fixes and cosmetic updates

Dispatch App
–    Sort and filter the unscheduled job list
–    Manage job status in job details screen
–    Custom job attributes – configure and populate
–    Attach files to jobs (PDF)
–    Attach forms to job
–    Auto-schedule – optimize job route for shortest driving time
–    Many bug fixes and other minor enhancements