Release Notes Version 2.3.0


  • View assets in a tree
  • Asset parent/child hierarchical relationships can now be captured.
  • Link multiple assets to work orders
  • Link or create tasks/work orders for assets
  • Scan to location check in an asset
  • Search for assets by barcode scan
  • Capture GPS current location for fixed assets
  • Capture full GPS location history (including barcode scan tracking) for mobile assets
  • Show a list of assets that are closest to me by GPS distance
  • Record the owning customer/contact for assets
  • Diff sync deltas only with the server for asset records
  • Optimized for working with millions of asset records


  • Support for Projects
  • Manage multi-day jobs, and work orders with sub-tasks/sub-jobs
  • Auto-sync jobs and work order edits in near real-time
  • Sort backlog on the client by due date, name, priority
  • Customizable task and job details screens by Job Type
  • Capture job types when creating a job


  • New Flow-Layout Smart Documents that support spreadsheet level functionality
  • Combine photos, markup, signatures, time stamps etc. inside grid-layout documents
  • Include branding and images inside forms
  • Color code controls dynamically as you type using math and logical statements
  • Greatly expanded min/max range validation support with full formula & math capability
  • Improvements in how documents are displayed in the document list
  • Improvements to speed up data capture with custom keyboards


  • Lots of new controls to customize the Task, Contact and Asset modules
  • Navigate screens directly by related task/asset/contact/user and back again
  • Simplified settings UI with data visibility rules defined


  • Auto-sync in the background and foreground of all your data every 5 min to 1 hour
  • Diff syncing is now supported for tasks, assets and customer records
  • Fast data syncing and retrieval for large data sets