Segra Streamlines Operations and Scales by 300% with Field Squared

Segra leverages Field Squared to enhance its operational efficiency and scalability. By transitioning to a unified scheduling system, Segra streamlined its processes, enabling significant growth and improved service delivery. The Field Squared platform has become integral to Segra’s ability to manage a large field force and maintain high customer service standards.

"We've scaled our company up by 300% over seven years, which probably wouldn't have been doable without Field Squared." 
- Jim Kent, a Market Vice President Operations, Segra


Disjointed Scheduling and Documentation Segra faced significant challenges managing its field operations across multiple states using Microsoft Outlook. The reliance on separate calendars made it difficult to coordinate resources efficiently and led to fragmented scheduling processes. This system limited the ability to plan more than a week in advance, creating operational inefficiencies and hampering growth potential.

Jim Kent, a Market Vice President Operations at Segra, explains, “We were using Outlook to schedule our field workforce, which was incredibly tedious. Maintaining numerous calendars was unsustainable, and we needed a centralized solution.”


Adopting Field Squared Field Squared was identified as the optimal solution due to its robust capabilities and scalability. Introduced to Segra by their CEO, who had prior knowledge of the platform, Field Squared provided the centralization needed for scheduling and resource management.

“The ability to develop our own schedules and documents was key. We could manage everything in-house, tailoring the system to our specific needs,” says Jim.


Operational Scalability Since implementing Field Squared, Segra has experienced a 300% increase in operations, highlighting the platform's impact on their ability to grow and manage a larger workforce effectively. This growth was facilitated by the streamlined scheduling and enhanced documentation capabilities provided by Field Squared.

Efficient Scheduling The central scheduling system allows Segra to plan months in advance, a significant improvement from their previous week-to-week planning. “We can now schedule months ahead, which was impossible before. This capability has been a game-changer for our operations,” Jim notes.

Enhanced Documentation Field Squared’s documentation features have also been a crucial addition. Segra can now leverage the platform for thorough and efficient record-keeping, which was previously a major gap in their operations. “Documentation was a significant issue for us, and Field Squared addressed it comprehensively,” Jim adds.

Simplified Configuration The platform's ease of use and configurability stood out to Segra. Jim and his team were able to configure and customize the system without external help, highlighting the platform’s user-friendly nature. “We learned to configure Field Squared ourselves, which speaks volumes about its usability,” says Jim.


Field Squared has played a pivotal role in Segra's operational success, enabling them to streamline processes, scale efficiently, and maintain robust documentation. As Segra continues to grow, Field Squared remains a cornerstone of its operational strategy, supporting its commitment to delivering exceptional service.

“We can now schedule months ahead, which was impossible before. This capability has been a game-changer for our operations.”
- Jim Kent, a Market Vice President, Segra