Introducing Asset Management Module & App Builder Toolbox

The Field Squared Asset Management Module

Field Squared’s asset management, tracking and maintenance module allows enterprises to manage, update, maintain and share information about their aerial and underground assets on any mobile device.

  • Field technicians capture detailed information against assets in the field using digitized forms of their own design or industry standard forms.
  • Asset data flows in a two-way workflow between back-office systems and mobile devices in the field.
  • Asset data syncs and updates back-office systems like Oracle and SQL Server databases.
  • Work orders are scheduled and completed against assets.
  • Asset history is stored and maintenance schedules can be setup for field crews.

The Field Squared App Builder

At the heart of our platform is our App Builder Toolbox which allows you to quickly design forms, documents, data capture screens, scheduling systems and customize all the modules of your system to meet your unique needs. Your custom delivered app can change and adapt at any time without requiring database rebuilds, migrations, or any of the things you’re used to in an IT project. Just change your screens and go. Everything in the system just adapts to the new workflow and screens you’ve designed. Jason Doherty, Co-Founder & CEO of Field Squared says, “The App Builder Toolbox is a robust, easy to use set of tools allowing the enterprise to create and deploy mobility apps with innovation, speed and flexibility.”

The first release of “App Builder Toolbox” includes the Drag & Drop Smart Forms Builder, which allows enterprises to:

  • Quickly design smart forms and workflows for field operations.
  • Connect these field data-capture documents to back-end systems
  • Use advanced controls designed for field data capture, including photo markup, smart text, GPS, barcodes, QR codes, grids, sub-documents, details tables, checklists, and more.
  • Builder your own smart forms with no coding required.

Field Squared’s innovative platform empowers enterprises to change and adapt their mobility apps at any time without database rebuilds, deployments, migrations, or any of the typical issues encountered in an IT project rollout.

Mobile-First Design for any Smart Phone or Tablet

At Field Squared, our first priority is making sure that our system works for your workers in the field. Until 3 years ago this meant running Windows on ToughBooks — you’d need air-cards… USB cables… GPS dongles… mounting brackets. Few Windows applications ever did anything with a GPS, there was no built-in camera for barcode/video/photo use, and their practicality inside a job site was close to zero. For the most part they stayed inside the truck. Only a company like UPS could afford usable field-automation tools.

The iPad changed all that. A new breed of applications is now being written to turn iOS/Android/Windows tablets and phones into serious business tools for the enterprise and businesses everywhere. The power of the old systems is already in the back pocket of your employees on the smart phones and tablets they’re using today.

Field Squared was written from the ground up as a Mobile-First application.  We wrote our mobile app to run a business from the field for the field before we created our desktop tools. We know that business owners and supervisors are out in trucks right next to mobile workers, and they want to run their business from the field, not just view it. Our mobile apps are not some cut down web-app with severely limited functionality bolted onto a 10-year-old enterprise system. Field Squared brings the full power of your back office system to the tablet.


About Field Squared

Field Squared is a Denver-based company providing a SaaS, cloud-based mobile workforce management platform that operates on iOS, Android and Windows. Our mobile apps for field operations are configurable for the specific requirements of Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Cable/Telco. Connect field operations to your backend systems allowing full access to your front-end data and analytics on a real-time basis. To learn more, visit