Smart Documents for Field Data Capture

Scale your business without scaling your paperwork

Flexible & Advanced Data Collection

Do you have a paperwork problem? Think of Field Squared as a paperwork automation app designed for your business.

We take your existing paper-based process (or any other data capture process you want to design) and convert them in hours to a modern mobile app which takes the headaches out of managing paperwork.

Data entry with Field Squared is much faster and easier than any software you’ve used before. Data quality is improved, teams have instant visibility to all their paperwork in real-time, compliance increases and data re-entry becomes a thing of the past.

You also have access to advanced data capture capabilities for your business so you can have data capture from the field like you’ve never been able to do before.

Advanced Controls

Photo markup, videos, PDF’s, GPS, barcodes, QR codes and more are available for automating your field operations. Most controls support auto-fill and rapid data capture.

Quick Job Estimates

We support customizable pricing lists, invoices, estimates, spreadsheets and everything else you need to capture tabular data or job costs fast.

Huge Library of Controls

Field Squared includes a huge library of advanced controls for automating your business. We’re far more than just a simple forms builder.

Automate Your Paperwork

  • You send us your existing paper-based forms and processes, and we′ll get you setup with an app that does the same thing in few days. It′s that easy.
  • Your process doesn′t change, so employees don′t need retraining
  • Fully automate your field operations
  • Instantly share forms, photos and documents within your team
  • Change your process at any time – as your business evolves Field Squared evolves with you
  • Incorporate advanced data capture into your process - barcodes, photo markup, surveys, spreadsheets, pricing lists, bluetooth data readers...
  • Documents are integrated with Email, Salesforce, CIS, Databases, DropBox, Sharepoint etc.
  • Get running in days with modern tablet and phone based platform

Samples of Data Capture Forms in Field Squared

Substation Inspection

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