Take Your Back-Office Systems to the Field

  • Add a mobile app on top of any existing back-end system
  • Use our connectors for most common cloud based systems like Salesforce, SharePoint, DropBox and Quickbooks Online to create an integrated mobile workforce application for your field crews
  • Connect to SQL Server, Oracle and SAP
  • Create a mobile workforce app on top of Salesforce, SAP or SQL Server
  • Supports custom objects, catalogues and lookups
  • Connect apps designed in Mobile Workforce App Builder to your back-end databases and enterprise applications

Integrate most common cloud, enteprirse or database systems

Design custom workflows with Workflow Designer

Integration & Workflow Builder

Field Squared’s flexible event-driven integration engine works with most major cloud apps, enterprise databases and ERP systems.

  • Design your own data integration for your mobile app
  • Drag & drop setup of complex workflows
  • Update multiple systems in response to changes in the field
  • Run integrations on regular schedules
  • 2-way sync of work order, customer, asset and document data
  • Works through most corporate VPNs and firewalls
  • Export data via FTP or SFTP
  • Supports SQL, JSON, XML, SOAP, CSV, HTML, TXT, SAP NetWeaver and APIs from many cloud apps

Custom Reports and Emails

  • Create custom reports using our aggregation framework
  • Send custom emails for any event
  • Send emails to team members, customers or anyone
  • Emails can be custom HTML, text
  • Create custom PDF reports and email attachments

Create the exact mobile front end your field crews need

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