Field Service and Mobile Workforce Management – Everything you Need to Know in 60 seconds

As you look around the field service, asset and mobile workforce management enterprise technology space, there appear to be many options and they all start to sound like they can do the same things. Where is the differentiation? Why can’t you just buy the least expensive field service management software and move on?

Like any cloud-based enterprise technology today, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and get to the solution that will actually help move your field service operations forward, increase efficiency and give your mobile workforce the tools they need to get the job done well, all the while keeping customers happy.

With the many customers we talk to, there is a pattern of key capabilities the move the needle for successful field service organizations. In fact, so much so that we created a 60-second video for all you need to know about enterprise field service and mobile workforce management. Namely, Field Squared. Watch the short video and then get a demo to see how we’ve helped field service organizations cut operations costs by over 20%, improve field data accuracy by over 90% and nearly eliminate all paperwork.

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