Scheduling and Route Optimization – Take control of your scheduling with our state-of-the-art GPS-based scheduling software

Drag & Drop Scheduling

  • Easy to use drag & drop scheduling interface
  • Get real-time feedback on job status
  • Manage 10,000’s of unscheduled jobs with advanced filtering
  • Quickly scheduled multiple jobs with Auto-Schedule
  • Match technician skills with job requirements
  • Find the nearest crew for emergency dispatch
  • Work with the simple to use Job Board or the advanced Resource Scheduling view

Route Optimization & Integration

  • Optimize up to 24 stops per technician per day
  • Minimize windshield time
  • Import jobs and work orders from third party systems
  • Map based Work Order, Job, Asset and Route Planning
  • Cut down on mileage, idle time, and save on gas

Track Progress of Crews

  • See proposed routes on the map
  • View the full route history for every crew, job and asset trip
  • Driving directions
  • Send the right team to the right address with built-in address verification and geocoding