Oil & Gas Services Firms Finding New Ways to Improve Efficiency

Field Squared Oil & Gas
With the current price of energy, Oil & Gas service firms are seeking out new ways to increase efficiency and trim costs. Software, and specifically, field service automation, is proving to be a great method for getting field data quicker, streamlining field operations, securely sharing data, eliminating waste, creating customized data forms, reporting, and integrating with back-office systems.

  • Eliminate Downtime – Real-time reports come in from the field, delivering maintenance notifications in seconds. This reduces time-to-repair and instant work order sharing. In addition, pictures can taken, stored and sent  with markups from the field.
  •  No More Paper – Processes become automated end-to-end, from data collection to reporting. Our oilfield mobility solution helps automate compliance testing, pipeline inspections, drilling, treatment, permitting, frack data collection, well testing and time sheets. Customized forms are created quickly by drag and drop.
  • Integration – Field info flows as smooth as oil through a pipeline. From remote data entry on mobile devices, Field Squared pushes oilfield data back to SAP, HR, PODS, AM, GIS, ERP and other back-end systems. We handle any kind of data including notifications, inspections, production sheets, level & pressure readings. Configuring back-office integration is done by a drag and drop designer.
  • Oilfield Asset Tracking – This includes work order management for Oil & Gas operations, via our easy-to-use software for oilfield asset management. Keep close track of asset inspections, maintenance history and performance data.
  • Offline Transactions and Conflict Resolution – Field Squared recognizes the importance of offline access and has built local data storage into our applications and synchronization logic on the server side to handle data conflicts.
  • Mobile ERP Solutions & more!


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