Giving Back at the arc Thrift Stores Annual Gala

This post was written by Field Squared Director, President and CEO, Christopher James Camut.

For the second year in a row, Field Squared proudly sponsored a cause that is near and dear to our hearts: arc Thrift Stores Annual Fundraising Gala, 2019. On the heels of last year’s 50th Anniversary, its 51st year ushered in an even greater presence, making this year’s theme, “Take Flight, Let’s Soar,” all the more appropriate.

Being a part of the greater Colorado community that aims to instill a positive impact on the lives of those with disabilities, Field Squared takes pride in supporting the tireless efforts of arc Thrift Stores mission in some small way.

Most of the time we’re talking about field service management automation software, since that’s our DNA. Today we’re taking a break from the norm to recap this distinctively exceptional event on our blog.

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The Cause that is arc Thrift Stores Mission

Holding steadfast to their goal, arc is now officially the state’s largest employer of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Arc is an exceptional non-profit organization in the Centennial State of Colorado.

Arc’s mission is to improve the lives of those born with a slightly greater challenge to navigate this world, though you’d never know it when you meet any one of arc’s beaming employees.

If you read our blog post recapping the 2018 Annual arc Gala, you may recall a few key characteristics that make arc so special. Since 2005, arc has funded over $100 million in charity contributions and now give around $20 million annually to charity. From vehicle donation programs to vouchers for people in need and meals on wheels, arc is a beacon of light in the Colorado community and around the world.

Arc’s impact is global, extending beyond the borders of Colorado and outside the lines that distinguish organizations in the category of non-profits.

In a category all their own, arc’s mark can be seen, felt and heard across economic, social and community dynamics. When the arc community takes action, they move mountains, motivating the community to action as well.

2019 arc Gala Soars to the Skies

Held at the stunningly beautiful Grand Hyatt Regency Denver at the Convention Center, the 2019 arc Annual Gala broke last year’s record setting event from both an attendance and fundraising amount.

As a fundraising event, the Gala began with the renowned silent auction, with goodies donated by Colorado companies. Lining the grand hall from knick-knacks to diamond rings and one-of-a-kind artwork, this year’s silent auction was not to be outdone and all in the name of a great cause.

Taking cues from the 2019 them, “Take Flight, Let’s Soar,” entering the dining hall we were suddenly transported high among clouds.

arc gala 2019

The arc Gala are known for an evening of entertainment, excitement and always filled with joy. arc gala motonesAs we made our way to the Field Squared table, the ever-jubilant Motones band played on.

What’s known as the “Heads or Tails” game was one of the highlights of the evening, followed by the donation auction where attendees one-up one-another to make monetary donations to support arc.

Honoring arc Leadership and Heroes

Being a member of the arc Board of Directors, I’ve been to many Galas. Personally, 2019 was particularly memorable. This year, we honored Chief Financial Officer of arc Thrift Stores, Bruce Stahlman.

Tirelessly advocating for the community of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Bruce was recently diagnosed with Glioblastoma cancer. In his impassioned acceptance speech, Bruce exhibited resilience as well as tenacity in the face of uncertainty.

Bruce is no stranger to adversity, overcoming such obstacles as the father of children with the challenges arc was founded to be a part of providing the resources to address. Over his career with arc, he’s helped countless people and raised millions of dollars in the name of arc’s mission. Bruce is an exceptional example to us all, and I’m proud to call him my friend.

arc gala 2019

Why Field Squared Cares

If you were to look-up the definition of altruism, you’ll find arc. It epitomizes a rare breed of organizations that strives for the most noble of causes: to improve the lives of others. A simple concept but one Field Squared is honored, humbled and, at the same time, excited to be a part of in some small way.

We want to thank arc President and CEO, Lloyd Lewis, for hosting another exceptional event that gets bigger and better every year. Thank you to the Board for your dedication, the attendees for opening your hearts to the arc cause and the event staff for taking care of us before, during and after the event. We know what goes into creating a successful event, so we see you.

We look forward to 2020 and all it brings for arc as well as the greater Colorado community. See you then.

– Christopher James Camut, Director, President and CEO at Field Squared

Author Bio
Christopher James Camut is the Director, President and CEO at Field Squared. Leading Field Squared’s vision and mission as the industry’s first field service management process automation platform, Christopher is also an avid supporter and member of the Board at Arc Thrift Stores. When he’s not talking digital transformation in the field service management space, he’s at home with his wife, three boys and their famous dog, Ruby.