Field Service News and Technology Roundup August 2018 Edition

Field Service News & Technology Roundup is our blog series, where we feature the latest interesting field service and technology insights impacting field service organizations.

What a busy August it’s been for field service news. This month’s roundup of the latest news and technology is pretty exciting. From augmented reality being used in the field to our own featured article as well as an infographic release, the Summer of 2018 may be remembered as the year of digital transformation in field service. Be sure to read the past issues of our Field Service News and Technology Roundup.

Augmented Reality: 9 Ways Companies are Putting AR to Work
Source: CIO Online
Author: Paul Heltzel, Writer at CIO

One of the most promising bleeding edge technologies is augmented reality (AR). We even blogged about how augmented reality will change field service operations. With the many articles on the topic, it can be difficult to sort through the noise, but this is a must-read for any field service organization.

Presented in a slideshow, the author covers the use cases for augmented reality across a number of industries. I found slide #8 to be useful for technicians in industries outside of construction as well as being highly relevant to put into practice today.



Ask The Board: Laying The Foundation of A Successful Customer Experience
Source: Field Technologies Online
Author: Sarah Nicastro, Editor

In the latest article from their popular “Ask the Board Series,” Sarah Nicastro, editor in chief at Field Technologies Online, opened up about the Board’s insights on how customer experience (CX) leaders are making positive strides to satisfy customers. The article provides actionable steps to help any field service organization looking to level-up their customer service experience.

My favorite advice is from Roger O’Connor, VP of Product Support, Gosiger: “Invest in technology that enables you to provide a higher quality of service.”



Predicting the Future of Digital Manufacturing, 2018
Source: Forbes
Author: Louis Columbus, Forbes Contributor

From a recent Capgemini study, Digital Engineering: The New Growth Engine for Discrete Manufacturers, Forbes contributor Louis Columbus packs his recap full of insightful statistics every field service organization will learn from.

For instance, and we tweeted about this, it is predicted that 47% of all manufacturer’s products will be smart, connected and capable of generating product-as-a-service revenue by 2020 (Source: Capgemini Study). And, speaking to digital transformation, the study uncovered 92% of manufacturing organizations have not only created a digital vision but also have a roadmap to monitor progress (Source: Capgemini Study).


3 Benefits of Spatial Field Service Operations Data Analysis
Source: Field Technologies Online
Author: Mark Percy, VP Technology at Field Squared

Being in the field service management software space, we often talk about ways to increase operational efficiency or report on key field service performance indicators that may not be at the forefront of every field service organizations strategy. In this article, our own VP of Technology, Mark Percy, discusses how important it is to analyze both the time and space of assets across field service operations. Breaking down 3 undervalued benefits of spatial field service operations data analysis this is a must-read article. In fact, we think it’s so important that we created an infographic to accompany it.


Even Utilities Look to Innovate and Digitally Transform Processes
Source: CIO Online
Author: Martha Heller

As I mentioned in the opening to this month’s news and tech series, 2018 seems to mark the year of digital transformation in field service. This article from Martha Heller at CIO takes the Q&A approach, where she interviews Exelon CIO and CDO, Mike Koehler about his current and future plans to digitally transform their organization.

One of the better questions elicits a number of digital transformation examples of at Exelon. You’ll have to read the article for those details, but I am certain you won’t be disappointed.


Field Squared: Digitally Transforming and Automating Field Service Processes
Source: Insights Succes Magazine
Author: Featured Article by Insights Success

It’s been a truly humbling and exciting month for us at Field Squared. In late July, we were named one of the Top 10 Most Prominent Field Service Solution Providers of 2018 by Insights Success. Along with being recognized for the award, Field Squared was also featured in an article in the Insights Success magazine. There, our CEO discussed the current atmosphere of digital transformation across the field service space as well as how organizations can quickly make the shift to technology that enables increasing operational efficiency. As a great primer to all the things we stand for at Field Squared, it’s a great read.


Image Source: Unsplash by Keith Misner