Field Service News and Technology Roundup July 17, 2018 Edition

Field Service News & Technology Roundup is our blog series, where we feature the latest interesting field service and technology insights impacting field service organizations.

It’s officially Summer and field service work is in full-on mode. This month’s Field Service News and Technology Roundup features articles from well-known field service publications as well as general tech and IT news outlets. So, dig in and enjoy this month’s assortment. In case you missed it, read last month’s edition.

AI’s Impact on the Future of Work
Source: CIO Online
Author: Sarah K. White, Senior Writer at CIO

In this article recapping the MIT CIO Symposium 2018 conference, Sarah White details how a panel session made the case for easing fears around AI replacing jobs. Similar to how we think about automation here at Field Squared, the panel reinforced the viewpoint that says AI and automation aim to handle the monotonous, mundane tasks which, for humans, is a waste of time and mental energy. The article also covers a few industry-specific stories for automation as well as how best to utilize the data collected from these tools.

Ask The Board: What Is The #1 Metric By Which You Measure Field Service Success?
Source: Field Technologies Online
Author: Sarah Nicastro, Editor

In their new “Ask the Board Series,” editor in chief at Field Technologies Online, Sarah Nicastro, asked what metric tops the list for how organizations measure field service success. The article presents a true inside look at what other field service organizations think is valuable to report on, and how they do about doing just that. It’s a great read for tips to help your field service organization to benchmark your own metrics.

Wearable Construction Innovations: Where It Makes Sense, and Where It Doesn’t
Source: Capterra Construction Management Blog
Author: Dan Taylor, Content Writer at Capterra

With innovative technology positively impacting field service organizations every day, wearables are one of the hottest trends at the moment. This blog post from Dan Taylor is as much as review of field service technology as it is a technology explainer article. And while it is geared toward construction, the three technologies highlighted apply to most field service organizations today. Read this article to learn how to put into practice smart glasses, smart clothing and sensors.

Women In Field Service: A Female Field Technician’s Perspective
Source: Field Technologies Online
Authors: Sarah Nicastro, Editor

This month’s news roundup would not be complete without this very timely article on what it’s like to be a female in the male-dominated field service industry. In the article, Sarah Nicastro interviewed Swisslog’s field service engineer, Taylor Glasson, from her personal experience on the job. The article concludes with four key takeaways for field service organizations when it comes to hiring top talent.

5 Field Service Management Trends to Watch in 2018
Source: Field Squared Blog
Authors: Mark Percy, VP Technology at Field Squared

Everyone has their own take on what’s new, upcoming or important when it comes to field service management trends, software or technology, and we thought it only natural to inform field service organizations what we hear from our customers. As the title describes, this post covers the top five field service management trends to watch in 2018 and how they may impact your organization.

Image Source: Unsplash by Keith Misner