Oregon Aerial Construction Achieves Significant Efficiency Gains

Oregon Aerial Construction has successfully integrated Field Squared’s Field Service Management Platform to enhance its field operations. The platform has enabled OAC to scale its operations efficiently, improve scheduling and dispatch processes, and achieve significant gains in operational efficiency.

"Field Squared has transformed our field operations, allowing us to complete more projects with greater efficiency."  
- Sean O'Brien, Market VP of Operations at Oregon Aerial Construction


Oregon Aerial Construction faced the challenge of scaling its operations to meet the growing demand for telecommunications infrastructure projects. The company’s existing manual processes for scheduling and dispatch became increasingly inefficient as project volumes increased. To maintain high service standards and manage larger workloads, OAC needed a robust solution to automate and streamline its field service management.


To address these challenges, Oregon Aerial Construction implemented Field Squared's Field Service Management Platform. The solution provided essential functionalities such as advanced scheduling, dispatch, and mobile forms for workflow automation. By integrating Field Squared with their existing systems, OAC was able to automate the scheduling and dispatch process, ensuring that field teams could manage their tasks efficiently.

Sean O'Brien, Market VP of Operations at OAC, collaborated closely with Field Squared’s team to tailor the platform to meet their specific requirements. This collaboration enabled OAC to deploy the solution quickly and start realizing the benefits almost immediately.


Greater Efficiency: Field Squared has significantly improved OAC’s operational efficiency. The platform enables rapid distribution of job information, allowing field crews to start their tasks without delays. Sean explained, "I get jobs from a couple of my companies that are 3-4,000 lines with multiple pieces of information. I can upload it, move it to how I need it, get it into Field Squared, and assign it to people in about 15 minutes."

Improved Field Communication: The real-time capabilities of Field Squared have enhanced how OAC communicates with its field teams. Technicians can now capture and share photos and receive immediate feedback, streamlining support processes and reducing the need for field workers to return to the office. Sean noted, "If our field workers take a picture, we can see it almost immediately and we can help them without having to do too much extra work."

Fast and Easy Data Retrieval: With all data digitally available, OAC can quickly retrieve information for field crews. Sean shared, "I have 65,000 job entries in Field Squared right now and I can go back to any point on those 65,000, open an email and go, 'Hey, I need this pole number. What's going on with this?' I can find it in five seconds and give them the information."

Increased Crew Productivity: The ability to assign jobs remotely has boosted the productivity of OAC’s field crews, especially important given OAC’s expansion to around 23 crews using Field Squared. Sean mentioned, "Previously crews had to return to the office to receive their next job. Now they can go straight on to their next job without waiting, so it’s made us more productive."

Significant Cost Savings: By replacing their paper-based processes with Field Squared, OAC saved almost $12,000 annually on printing costs. Sean highlighted, "That's how much we were going through because it was stacks of 800 sheets for one spreadsheet sometimes."


Oregon Aerial Construction’s adoption of Field Squared has been instrumental in the company’s operational success and growth. The platform’s flexibility and configurability have allowed OAC to scale its operations efficiently, ensuring high customer satisfaction and service quality.

"The real-time visibility in scheduling has been a game-changer for us."
- Sean O'Brien, Market VP of Operations at Oregon Aerial Construction