Field Squared Privacy Policy

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Posted March 27, 2014
Effective April 1, 2014

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Thanks for using Field Squared! Here’s how we collect, use and handle your information when you use our mobile apps, websites and services (“Services”).

What We Collect

We collect and use the following information (“Account Data”) to provide the Services to you:

Account Information – for every member of your team using the Services, we collect team member email address, password, phone number and base location addresses (which may or may not be the home address of individual End Users depending on what the company sets up), and for the Company we collect company address, email, phone number and contact details.

Workspace Data – all the tasks/jobs/work orders entered into our system are retained for the duration of your Customer Account, including (a) all historical changes made to all your job, document, user, asset and customer data; (b) customer identifying information recorded against jobs or in our Customer management framework; (c) information about fixed and mobile assets out in the field; and (d) the data entered in customized forms and the structure of these forms.

Archiving Data and Deleting – While Account Data can be archived in our system, they are not permanently deleted from our servers immediately. Archived Account Data may be removed from our servers by our own internal house-keeping software after 180 days, but will remain on our servers until the expiration of this time unless your Customer Account is deleted from our servers at which point the data will be removed as soon as possible.

Location Data – As users drive around out in the field or arrive and depart at job or asset sites, we collect and store location history data separately to the other data identified above. This allows us to provide many of the reports and features in the system and provides a level of safety and accountability for the team. Nobody other than your team can see your location data, but everyone on the team can see each other’s location data at all times – if your boss is looking at you, you are looking at them – there is true team accountability in the platform. Note that we DO NOT report on location data (a) outside of business hours; or (b) whenever users are using the “Out To Lunch” feature of the Services.

Who your data is shared with

We will never sell anything we collect to advertisers or third parties. Your data will be available to others as described below:

Your Team – Field Squared is a team collaboration tool for field workers, and it’s organized into multiple teams within an organization’s Customer account. All the information entered into Field Squared will be shared with all your team members, and will be available to the supervisors and administrators within your organization – there is no private data within your team, so please be completely transparent when using the Services.

Cross Workspace Requests – Field Squared allows two companies (each company has one Workspace) to enter into a data sharing arrangement. Where such an arrangement has been explicitly setup between two organizations (and never otherwise) Field Squared will make the data of one organization visible to the other organization using the rules mutually defined between the two companies and never otherwise.

Customer Support – to provide customer support, it may be necessary for Field Squared internal staff to view your data. We will ask your permission before doing so. We will never view your data without your permission.

Legal Compliance – We may disclose your information to third parties if we determine that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to (a) comply with the law or court orders; (b) protect any person from death or serious bodily injury; (c) prevent fraud or abuse of the Services or protect our End Users from the same; or (d) to protect the property rights of Field Squared or to prevent security breaches that would affect other End Users of the system.

How your privacy is protected

Security – we use industry standard encryption to protect your data while it’s being transferred from our servers to apps out in the field and to desktop clients. Any data stored on the mobile tablets and phones is also encrypted when stored offline on the device using the strongest encryption available. All logins to the system require an email address and password which at least complies with our minimum password requirements. Any changes to your accounts can be setup to generate alerts that go to your email address.

Data Retention – We’ll retain your information you store on our servers for as long as is required to provide the Services to you and your organization. If you delete your Customer Account with us we’ll also delete this information, however (1) there may be a delay between when the account is deleted and when the data is removed from all our servers and backup systems; and (2) we may be required to retain this information to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes or enforce our agreements.

Where is your data housed – Your information is stored in the United States in an Amazon AWS Data Center, distributed in three different redundant availability zones within this data center and then backed up on another set of servers in another data center in another state. If you are a customer in another country, your data will be housed in the United States.


If we are involved in a reorganization, merger, acquisition or sale of our assets, your Account Data may be transferred as part of that deal. We will notify you (for example via email to the Subscription Administrator account for your Field Squared account) of any such deal and outline your choices in that event.